Hospital Appointment

I am booked for an appointment at the hospital on Friday.
It's a pre opp assessment for an operation I am having in a few weeks time.
I have got it in my little head that I am going to wear some girly clothes.
The thought of it excites me.
I have not decided if its just panties and a girly top under my male clothes or pantyhose and a skirt or the full works with makeup, breasforms and wig ?
The full works could be a bit dificult as I know I will be having an ECG ( heart check).
I think it could be very interesting to see the reaction of the staff.
They are trained in dealing with Trans people.

After all they will see my shaved body when I am in for my operation.
The way I feel right now I am going to do something to some degree.

I like to push myself out there with my fem side.
I might just go with a girly top pantyhose and skirt, no makeup or wig.
What's the problem ? If I want to wear some feminine clothes I will ! Girls wear boyish clothes when they like so now it's my turn.

Oooh will I do it ??
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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

How did it go? How did you go dressed? You could have gone completly dressed, but with out the breast forms! I and a lot of other people are anxious to find out the details!

Let us know how it goes. You can go sans breast forms. Not all women have large breasts and many are rather flat chested. ( I like small breasts ). I am much more a personality / outgoing temperment with a heathy body than a breast man, although a good set of legs and a great smile go along way with my attratction to women .

Hi Vanessa
Do it go fully dressed. I wish I could join you and be support. I so want to have a CD friend nearby

I would like to help you decide, and drive you to the hospital as well.