I Am Still Addicted To My Skirts

I have been enjoying wearing my skirt quite a bit lately.
When I can't wear them I can't stop thinking about getting back into one.
I just purchased a velvet mini skater style skirt. I put it on last night and it feels wonderful. It is so soft and light to the touch but has a nice weight to it. If I put my hand on the outside of it, it feels great.
I love all my skirts for different reasons, every one has its own feel.
It's great when I get a new one to add to my collection.

When I was about six years old the girl that sat next to me at school was wearing a velvet skirt one day. I had not noticed. She said to me "I have my velvet skirt on today, would you like to feel it ?" So I felt her skirt on the leg, she said its nice isn't it ?

Now I have one of my own I know how she must have felt !

I am really getting to appreciate the comfort of wearing skirts as opposed to trousers.

Just had to share my feelings with you.
Who else out there shares my passion for wearing a lovely skirt ?
Vanessa X
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I share your passion for wearing skirts too