Skirts And Panties Go Together

As a crossdresser i love wearing my skirts and panties as with all the other things in my wardrobe. I NEVER wear my male underwear when i wear my skirts as panties are a requirement and also to compleat the femme feel. Most of my skirts are full and or pleated and as i love the feel of the fabric of the skirt swirling around me. Most of the panties i wear are the full cut style. I don't wear skimpier panties as those styles won't cover what needs to be covered. As fot panty fabrics i have a mix of cotton and silky panties which i wear depending what mood i feel. As for my skirts as i said before i love the full cut style of skirts and i do not wear the tight skirts. I have a mix of long and short skirts (again depending on my mood). I love the freedom skirts give you and the panties which are under the skirt compleated the femme feeling that i like. The thought of wearing just panties under a skirt sometimes i can't describe the feeling. Women who do not wear skirts are missing out on something and us crossdressers are filling in what some women don't like to wear. The panties finish the look and i can either go barelegged or wear hosiery. Skirts and panties are just part of the femme wardrobe that all of us crossdressers enjoy a lot and will allways be the the most important "must haves" .
gownlover gownlover
61-65, M
Jan 12, 2013