I Enjoy Wearing Skirts

I recently started wearing clothes that were deemed for women only. I love the feel of a skirt when I am walking around in my apartment. I feel the girl in me getting to come out when doing so. When I am not in a skirt I don't feel right...
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Hello I'm Joel

Hi I have been wearing skirts since I was about 10 years old. I love the freedom it gives me and the enjoyment of choosing so many styles, patterns and colours. I now have about 45 skirts of varying kinds from mini to maxi from chiffon and silk, from pleated skirts to full round swinger skirts. I now await the arrival of another seven skirts within the next two weeks. I want to fill my wardrobe with skirts. My partner is not keen on me wearing skirts and tights but she understands how it makes me feel.

You and me both! I love your vices too.... How much fun I could have if I was a real woman dressed in my femme skirts and dresses and lingerie with painted lips and toes in my strapy heels.... Oh the joy ..too bad I have the face /body of a man .
I also want to be dressed elegant and femme ,and be treated as a girl/woman.... But ****** like a ****, or well dressed ***** ...bending over a couch or sink ,feet wide for you to take me to the moon .

I was born a male but I am a lesbian trapped in a males body and that is why I am transitioning but I am doing it w/o hormones and srs such as in prosthetic breast and vagina with padding for the hips and butt and makeup, girly clothes and some heels along with jewelery and a purse and wig.

I wear my skirts with mens shirts out in public full time. I hope you can go out in public dressed the way you want soon.:)

I am too well known in this town and it would shock them all and plus I don't have the **lls to do so no offense.

The first time I wore a skirt was in another town.I was at a wal-mart and toco bell. You have to have faith in your self

I would have to at least go a state over to do so that's all

Yeah I know the feeling...The last couple of Sundays I have been wearing a white skirt with my Colts clothing while watching them play some football.

Thanks for adding me, I love a good skirt too. Sometimes its great to mix a guy T-shirt with a short skirt and pantyhose. Sort of a way for me to blend my two halves.