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Ever since I took notice in women I liked it when the dress or skirt was max 6 inches above the knee, no hire! I thought that is the highest I would wear mine! I figure with panties and pantyhose nothing could be seen any way! Well the first few times I did go out in public my skirt was about 1 inch above the knee and I was very concious about it! Wow did that make me see the other side of the coin! If it was 6 inches over my knee I would probably of fainted!
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I have become so comfortable in dresses and skirts that I can wear them about four inches above the knee safely. I prefer a very full pleated skirt that is about two inches above the knee.

TRY anything once. some skirts work, some do not. For the Winter below the Knee Pencil skirts or full pleats in black. One has a twelve foot hem, Half the length of an 8 yard 16 oz traditional Scottish Kilt.
Try "Skirt café " ...interesting webb site. KIltiekid ....7.4.16.

I was wearing my Scottish Kilt in a Railway Café. A gentleman asked me if I was a cross dresser. I replied that I was cross when He did not recognise that I was wearing a Traditional Scottish Kilt.
However once when I was wearing a gentleman's pencil Skirt a lady was quite sure I was wearing a Kilt.
To confuse matters even more: the designers of the Utilikilt claimed the garment was a manskirt.
Another Manufacturer has claimed His pleated male garment is a
Manly Skirt. I feel the Ice has been well and truly broken regarding Male Unbiforcated Garments in this ,The twenty First Centuary.
However, please do not confuse the Traditional Scottish Kilt with Garments which may claim to be Kilts but are not designed as Kilts and are not claimed by their Manufacturers to be Scottish Kilts.
If you got to Scotland , it is quite easy to get yourself into a bog.

Kiltiekid, I am a regular on Skirt Cafe. Just haven't Posted much lately. Cheers, Steve. 9.4.16

Steve,,,, AnswerMug.com is replacing EP..... answermug is part of the EP group.
If you are active join answermug and then form your own group. The process is simple, folks take time to readjust to change.
If there is any interest, the circle or group should run itself.
Just think about it... if you are unavailable, someone else may be interested.
I started an answermug I wear a kilt circle . There are two pages of stories.
What I do not want to do is to get the Gentleman's Skirt wearers mixed up with the hardened Kilt wearers. We have been wearing Traditional Scottish Kilts for Years.
If you want to know anything about the Scottish Kilt, just join answermug, then join
I wear a Kilt circle - answermug.. Use the same penname and I will pick it up.
All the best..... Kiltiekid.......10.4.16.

For Kilt Wearing, I belong to XMarkstheScot.com. I wear the kilt in its traditional form at the Highland Games and when Piping. For general about town activitiesi wear a skirt....
Cheers, Steve 11.4.16

Steve sounds as if your fashion approach is becoming a fairly common practice these days.
I am still Scottish Country Dancing. Started thirty five years ago. Kiltiekid....12.4.16.

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It is so much fun wearing a skirt or dress out in public. If its too short do be carful when you sit.... you wouldn't want to show your panties!