They Hide Everything!

I love wearing skirts in the summer.   Nothing screams summer more to me then walking around in a summer skirt and flip flops.  The plus side to wearing skirts is that you can gain weight and have some extra padding on the hips and the skirt covers it all.  I can have some extra ice cream and no one notices! 
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2007

I like wearing leggings with a skirt, so much more comfortable and no one will see anything if you bend over.

I had poor posture but yoga corrected that. I'm a male and like to wear skirts.

Having worn a skirt, I found that as a man the weight doesn't go on the hips so much, but on the belly. Sadly, along with many other men, I have poor posture, so it makes men look pregnant rather than swishy. <br />
I must work hard at posture & eating fewer doughnuts. :-)