Satin Slips & Panties

Feeling a nice hard tool encased in satin or nylon panties and a luxorious slip is as good a feeling ad there is

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5 Responses Feb 3, 2010

Satin with frills and so soft...............

I am thinking of it shortly, I am wearing SILK KNICKERS and TWO SILK SLIPS...........great fun

Since my wife became disabled 4 years ago and since being unfaithful is out of the question I find that wanking on a white lace-trimmed full slip provides the sexual relief I need. When I do wear the slip in private I think of the woman being spanked in the Chase & Sanborn Coffee ad from the August 17, 1952 edition of Life Magazine where her skirt has been raised and her husband is spanking her with his hand on her sexy white slip.

I know of several lesbians who climax from excitiment of their own or partners underwear, which often includes slips and petticoats. I new girls at my school who enjoyed it, just as I do. Its a girlthing too.<br />
Best wishes<br />

you an t telling anyone something that they already dont know