Wanking In Girly Stuff

I love to wear silky slips satin blouses or ladies silk pijamas and play with myself until I blow my mind. I would love to chat with likeminded others.

caressa caressa
66-70, M
8 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I am almost fifty years getting my rocks off with slips. I have very very rarely got a woman to indulge me by seducing me with a sip. My wife is not giving me much at the moment so get her silkiest knickers an her one and only slip and give the pillows a good humping.

I feel the same way. Feel free to e-mail me here!

I wouldn't dismiss TVs. A lot of them are really feminine.. but I would not fancy the sight of another penis when I'm having sexual fun!! But I'd be curious............

You can be curious with me!

Sometimes I enjoy myself by playing and ******* in a satin blouse while wearing a slip.

The feeling of the material as you do that is sensational!

fucken sicko

2 transvestites dressed in pretty lacy slips with just a hint of perfume, deep thoating each other while slowly sensually teasing in all the right places is sheer heaven.....

its better w another transvestite, we're more feminine

Try having sex with a women, they say it's even better believe it or not.