An Early Slip Encounter

I was 13 or 14 and on my way to school. A new bus route had been recently introduced that actually came down my road and eventually passed the school gates, taking a tortuous route of about 25 minutes, but hey it was nearly door to door. It was a small single decker with about 25 high back seats.
I was very often the last passenger on for the final 10 minutes or so and at that age I took every opportunity I had to get my little **** out and ********** like crazy, even on the bus. I was always disappointed if somebody sat next to me as it stopped me having a sly rub here and there.
One morning a lady got on and sat next to me, even though there were many empty seats. She wore a nice bright button through dress and my attention was immediately drawn to the fact that the bottom couple of buttons were undone and when she sat she displayed a beautiful light green slip with about 6 inches of soft lace at the hem. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. I had already for a while discovered the joys of my mother’s nylon panties as masturbatory aids and had moved on also to her slips, whenever I had the chance. Even her white cotton broderie anglais full slip was like a magnet to me and I tried it on every opportunity I had.
Anyway, this lady had obviously noticed my interest and she began talking to me straight away, well questioning me really. She asked if I had a girl friend and I replied yes, as every self respecting lad of that age would never admit that he didn’t. Then she said straight out “what do you do with her”? I was going a bright red colour all over and thought I was about to burst into flames. I just looked at her with my mouth open but no words would come out. She helped me out, “do you kiss her” she asked, my head nodded. Do you play with her *******? OH MY GOD!!, another nod of the head. I was looking around now panicking, hoping that nobody could hear this. Half of me wanted to jump up and run off the bus, the other half was so excited, I knew this was different. “Have you fingered her” she whispered, this time my head was shaking left to right, it was as if it had a life of it’s own. “Do you know what it feels like” she tormented, shake shake shake again. “Does she wear nice things like this” she whispered stroking her slip over her knee, no no I stammered.
She put her hand over mine and moved it to her knee, then stroked my hand with the hem of the slip and said “that’s nice isn’t it”, nod nod nod. She undid another button on her dress and slowly slid my hand up her thigh until I could feel her panties, I didn’t know what the hell to do. She just moved it up and down very gently and smiled at me. Then she asked “could you do me favour?”, nod nod from me,”I want to see your little thingy” says she, “I can see him sticking up in your pants”. I was mortified, I don’t think I had taken a breath for the last five minutes.
I looked around and then unzipped my trousers and looked at her in the eye, this time it was her that just nodded, so I proceeded to pull my little friend right out in the open. She immediately wrapped her warm hand around it and it sprang to full attention, my my she whispered, he isn’t so small after all is he. She licked the palm of her hand and fingers then slipped them around my penis and over the head. My god I had never encountered such a feeling and in a couple of seconds I felt the warm ***** start it’s sprint to freedom. I tried to move to stop it but it was of no use, she obviously knew what was about to happen. I don’t remember much except that it shot everywhere and wouldn’t stop under her magnificent fondling action. It was all over the seat in front of me, all over her hand, on the floor, on my trousers and on my seat. She eventually stopped stroking me and dashed into her bag and produced a little white cotton handkerchief with a lace trim all round (prior to the days of tissues) and she started to clean me up, giggling at the amount of mess.
Here she said, thrusting the dainty little hankie into my hand, “you finish off, this is my stop”. With that she jumped up and ran to the front of the bus and alighted, just smiling at me through the window as the bus pulled away. I cleaned myself and trousers as much as possible and pocketed the little hanky. My legs were still shaking as I got off the bus and I was a complete mess for the rest of the day. I kept wondering if I had imagined it all but then felt that little lace handkerchief snuggled in my pocket.
When I got home from school I smelt the hanky alone in my bedroom. It smelled of my *** obviously but I could also smell her perfume on it and that was enough to get me hard instantly, again. I decided to wash it for her and present it to her if she got on my bus again the next day, or the next week and to this end I kept it folded neatly in my pocket. As you may imagine I travelled for the next few weeks in trepidation, wondering if she would get on again and what would happen, but alas no, she was never to be seen again.
I did make the best use of the little lace handkerchief stroking myself with it every occasion possible and thinking of her. I even spent several full days at school with it wrapped around my **** all day, giving me a nice warm semi-erect feeling all day.
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Ah the joy of a slip

love your story, oh yes!

excellent story

Awesome story ...wish it could happen to me too. Darn , never in the right place.

Oh, my, my, my! (Fan myslef and the blush of anticipation of what such an encounter would be like.)

Thanks for sharing your feelings and emotions.They come from your soul girl...
Louise CD

my **** is throbbing as I stroke through my satin nightgown!!!

what a wonderfull woman and so observant to the lusts of a young man. lucky boy no wonder you like wearing slips! i wish a sensous woman with that kind of demure was around when i was at that horney age mmmmm,delightfull.howlin.

I like your story - I expecially liked the slip and the touch. i started with my mothers panties, then stockings, then slip and never stopped. I losve weeing others as i like to dress. rriend me se we might share.

Great story.

I really loved this story. It was a fantasy of mine when I was going to school but never happened to me. It happened to you and I'm so glad you shared that with me. Yes I took it personally.

oooh that story got me hard and wet, you were a lucky little fellow

Wow, that's a great way to start a school day

The only thing I got from women on the bus to school was dirty looks. Lucky boy.

Great story, you lucky guy! Lovely Lady! Thank you for sharing the story! :)

Lucky sod! why does it always happen to some one else?

Oh... yes... what a dream that would be... too bad about it ending there...

great story i love it

A great story this women was a school boys dream, a hand job on the bus.

What a lovely story ,you weres so lucky