The Ex - Policeman

I have recently met up with an ex police officer at my local health club. He is in quite good shape and we get along well - a friendship that began when we each noticed the others stained and smelly underpants. Just a few weeks ago I had arrived and the changing room was almost empty. The only guy was just waqlking out and into the gym and so I did a quick tour of the hanging clothes to check mens habits - it seemed they were all clean. I kicked of fmy shoes and had just dropped my trousers when I realised there was a guy abou tmy age standing by me. I hung my trousers on the peg and turned towards him. I was not really thinking much about myself asI sat down. My face was at the level of his crotch and I became alert to the smell of pee. My white jockeys had a definate yellow patch all around the fly and this was clear for him to see as my shirt was tucked inside my briefs. He saw, said nothing but smiled and dropped his own trousers to reveal white Calvins, shirt tucked and his briefs were very soiled. He dropped his briefs and I grinned at him as dropped them on the bench by my side open to expose skid marks - thick skid marks. He really oggled me as I raised my bum and eased my pants down showing my stains. We exercised for maybe an hour and left for the shower together. We both had erections which we stroked but no morer than that. Back on the benches we were still alone. He picked up my briefs and sniffed them before putting them on and sitting down alongside me. He took my hand and placed it outside my briefs but over his **** and quite suddenly there was a surge of **** that burst through the white cotton and my fingers. I watched the **** dripping from the bench and onto the floor.I held his calvins tomy nose and enjoyed the combination of pee and poo. It goes without saying I put them on and pissed in them for him.

He apologised and said he had to go home to change for a dentist appointment but asked me if I wanted to meet for a drink later. I laughed and said if I drank too much I might wet my pants. We agreed we had swaqpped briefs and he suggested we might start the evening clean and dry. I agreed with that but said I'd be wearing black trousers. I decided to stick with white jockeys - made certain they were really well washed ones, tucked my shirt down inside and made sure my waistband showed over the top of my trousers. I was ordering as I felt a hand stroke my bum and slip down between briefs and trousers. I turned and faced him and discreetly let my hand wander over his **** area. He wasdry as promised and his Calvins were on show for me.

It was a gay pub and we had a great evening. It was crowded and we were able to enjoy ourselves without fear of being noticed.

I have decided that smelly pants bring either good luck or black looks if someone pins the smell down as coming from the pants wearer. Anyhow we swapped alot of stories and I'll tell some of his that came from wearing smelly pants as time goes by.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

It sounds like more fun ensued that evening. Do tell more.