The Ex-policeman - Continued

The Pub was off a London street called Bayswater. It was so crowded we decided to go back to his flat by Paddington station. It was not bad - we flopped down on the3 settee and it was not long before we were inside one anothers undies - he was straddling me and I was feeling his sticky **** through his Calvins when he let his **** go - he must have been saving it because it seemed to run from his undies forever soaking my jockeys -I pulled him down on me and sucked his **** through those soaking pants. Eventually he pushed my face away dropped the front of his briefs and I took his **** and his load.

'I needed that', he said. 'hope it was OK with you' Come to the bedroom.

We walked in our soggy pants and shirts to his bed which had a rubber sheet under. The rest of the night was spent ******* on one another, and enjoying sucking each others willies. Between times he toldme stories about his pooping as a policeman. He recalledhis first uniform poop when he had been 19 and alone on a beat some way from the station. He said it was about 3am and he was desperate - he was confident it would be a brick and he laughed as he said how he leaned against some railings by a main road and let it all drop into his pants and he was so horny he rubbed himself up against the railings until he shot his load. He walked for the next couple of hours with his poop slipping around his undies until it was time to go off duty when he found a deepshop doorway where he shook itout of his pants. He said he was stained but he booked off and walked back to his quarters without anyone else guessing. They worked nights for 3 weeks and he said he either peed or pooped his pants every night.

There are a lot more stories from him like that and he mostly shares them as he lays on the bed and I sniff his bum through his pants and rim him. We are well matched.
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Sounds like you're having loads of fun.