My First Suited Experience.

When I was about 10 or 11 I remember watching my fahter get dressed for work tying his bowties and putting on his jacket, adjusting his pockets squares and so on. I always admired his sense of style and wanted to ress just like him but never had much oppertunity to. That year I decided I want to accompany him to take your son to work day, so I asked him for a suit. When he asked me why I simply said even though I am not an official employee I still think i should be properly dressed. So he took me to macy's downtown and got me this lvoely 3 piece suit just like he wears and a dress shirt and tie teh whole 9 yards. I impresed him first off buy asking for the suit, not many boys at that age will dress up without a fight let alone begto haev the chance to do so. Once we got home i impressed him again by showing him how I had taught myslef to tie my own tie. I had often watched him ties his and would playing the the mirror with one of his untill i figured it out. That day I must have been the best dressed 11 year old around, adn his colleges took great notice to it. They woudl say expected things like I see daddy made you get all dressed up, or bet you can't wait to get home and take all that off. I said no I asked him for the suit actually and I kind of like it here, I don't get to dress like this normally at home. I think that was one of the proudest moments of my fathers life, and one of my most cherished memories of my childhood. This carried into my high school years with my uniform from prep school and once I hit college I started work for my fathers company so I was suited daily and continue to do so. Saturday is my only casual day sinbce I am off, sunday I am in a suit for church and teh rest of the week for work so about 90% of my life is spent suited. Besides when I am asleep and in the shower you will rarely see me without a tie and jacket on.
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Good story! I just wish I had an opportunity like that! Imagine KIDS of all things these days are the ones who want to dress up!

Thanks, I always do.

Wonderful story! Keeping dressing sharp!