How Do You Feel About Casual Clothes?

Another story..I know. As for me I just think casual everyday clothing doesn't look as good and doesn't feel as comfortable to me. What do you think about casual clothing? do you think it's stupid, unsophisticated, or do you not have negative feelings about it but stronger positive feelings towards formal clothing? comment your answer, please!
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I think casual clothing is shabby and makes one lazy. As soon as I button my collar and tie my tie, I instantly become more upright, I hold myself better, my attitude changes so I'm more compliant with what's asked of me. In casual clothing this all changes, I'm slobbish, and less able to comply with things.

Casual clothing isn't as smart looking and I think it's lazy to not concern yourself with your appearance. Formalwear is a lot more comfy I agree