Not trying to brag but, I'm not your typical guy of 2012. Clothing preferance, formal>casual. I like classical music a lot more than rock and I concern myself with manners. Even as a young kid I was this way. My parents weren't strict and didn't make me I just have always been a gentleman at heart. I'm glad to know that others like me are out there, modern day, well dressed, sophisticated gentlemen like the ones in this group. I'm depressed that I wasn't around during the days when everyone was like this and hope that some day people will be a little more classy and a lot kinder yet again.
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Frankly, if all of us who wanted a 'classier' dress code to return would speak up and then do something about making it return, I believe it would do us as a nation a whole lot of good. I've been out of high school around 40 years, but I have always outside of work, maintained a far dressier image than most. I only wish that the vast majority of people realized what they look like in dirty jeans, backward ball caps, sweats and the like. I think I impressed more college professors by wearing a tuxedo to class on a daily basis (and yes that includes a well tied bow tie) and even now, I prefer wearing the same style. While I now keep the full tux for evening wear, I do not hesitate about dressing up in a proper dress shirt (even tuxedo shirts at times) with a bow tie and French Cuffs. It's always been my style and why should I change for anyone? So, I just wonder: when can we well-dressed people bring back what should be the norm for all and have it stay this way?

I'm like that right now! A classy kid that dreams of those days returning...