Where Do I Begin?...

It's always something in me, I can't seem to get it out of my head! Some kids might groan and whine when they are told that they have to put on a suit for a dance, wedding, funeral, ect: But I'm not like that, I look far and wide for any chance to be well-dressed. I'm not sure if my parents know, I've never mentioned it nor have I tried to hide it... I know that if some day I can, I'll be like some of the others in this group, I'd want my wardrobe to be 99% formalwear with a couple of regular pants and shirts if I have to get dirty. I don't really know why but this is how I feel, if you gave me the decision to either only be able to wear a suit when it's appropriate or to only be able to wear formalwear for the rest of my life number 2 would be my final choice! There's 1 problem...I love animals as much as I love dressing sharp. Those two things don't really match up because I don't want to have cat hair all over my clothes, oh well guess I'd better stock up on lint rollers! My dream job is being a veterinarian because I can dress sharp to work and also get to work with animals and save their lives! Wish me luck in getting my dream job!
SapphireSong64 SapphireSong64
13-15, M
Dec 8, 2012