Hooked On Suits

It was 2011, and in Kohl's. I was with my family to get some extra clothes for my trip to Washington, DC. I was looking for something nice to wear at Arlington National Cemetery (where I was doing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ceremony) and for Broadway, where we would see "Wicked". It would eventually be the time of my life.

When I was little, I was reluctant to wear suits or anything "nice". I'm not sure why exactly, but eventually I grew up. I originally wore suits on a cruise and to two dances at my elementary school. I also had been wanting to get one at this point and I pretty much talked my mom into getting me one. I left Kohl's with a suit and two ties.

Dressing up for Arlington National Cemetery, I wore the suit with a blue tie and for Broadway, I wore the suit and a black tie I found on the ground of my hotel in DC strangely. 2011 was a very formal year for me as I wore my fancy clothes to my 8th grade promotion dance (I was the only kid in a suit!) and to my 8th grade promotion of course!

Trying to wear it even more, I decided to be a butler for Halloween when passing out the candy. I donned my suit yet again and this time with a bow-tie, completing the full tuxedo. I wore my friend's vest for added fanciness! It was very fun and I got many compliments like "nice suit!" and it was probably the best Halloween I've ever had!

In 2012, I wore my suit not as much, but I did wear it for a few occasions. Some of these occasions include a party, some spirit days, a presentation in class, a play, and as a joke at some sleepovers! One of the funniest times was when my grammy requested I show up at her house in my suit and I had no problem complying!

As you can tell, I absolutely love suits. I own one suit, three ties, one bowtie, and two shirts! Pretty much I dress up whenever. I've reached the point of suit love where I'd love to work somewhere I can wear a suit. Perhaps Nordstrom's or a fancy restaurant! And you better believe I'll get married in one!
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That's very interesting. :)