Me Too

I so much enjoy watching girls in mini skirts that I bought one for myself several years ago. Wearing it is a real hoot! I discovered it is easy to shorten it still further, so it just barely covers my ***. I have worn it lots, mostly when on vacation, and it always turns heads. I am never sure if its just because I am a guy in a skirt, or because its so short. Either way it is great fun, especially when cute girls want their picture taken with me. Many women have seen up my skirt, but, hey that's only fair since I have spent a lifetime looking up their skirts and dresses.
davyjo davyjo
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I too have bought some miniskirts, that I too had my seamstress shorten into microminis, and love how they fit so much better. I haven't found a way (brave enough?) to wear it outside, I would love to be upskirted, my panties show no matter how I sit down, know people would look up it, but like you, for me that would be payback, (or like I tell girls who love my short shorts, I'm just returning the favor)

Good for you. The best way to get up courage is to start when you are away, like on vacation, where no one will know you. Also, perhaps at night, when most people won't notice. The first time I wore a skirt in public, I first went to dinner, then changed into the skirt, and went out and simply walked up and down the main street, looking at store windows, but not going inside anything. A bit later I got up the courage to go inside a store to get something. All went well, and the next morning I wore it to breakfast at the motel. By then I was hooked and left it on all day, and for the rest of the vacation, day and evening, including restaurants and sightseeing tours. Its perhaps easier to start with a longer skirt or dress, then after you get used to wearing it, you can start shortening them. Good luck!