Pantyhose And Pedal Pumping

Driving and pretending to have car trouble while wearing pantyhose, heels and a skirt goes back to my discovery of pantyhose as an erotic garment in the mid 1970s. It's a throw back to watching my beautiful mother struggle everyday to start her enormous Cadillac while wearing sexually provocative dresses, high heels shiny pantyhose. 

From the first time I tried on my mother’s Hanes pantyhose at the age of 13 I was completely turned on by the feel and look of shiny nylon encasing my legs. It wasn’t long before I was sneaking into the garage wearing pantyhose and fantasizing that I was late for an appointment and couldn’t start the Cadillac no matter how hard I tried.

When I got a little older and I was home alone I would put on pantyhose, a slip and a pair if my sister’s Candies, get into the car with the electric seat all the way back and pump the gas pedal 100 times with my nylon covered  foot to hopelessly flood the engine before turning the key and struggling for the next ten minutes as the car coughed, bucked and stalled over and over despite my femininely frantic efforts to start it. I’m wearing Hanes Alive as I write this and I’m shaking with excitement. I could write about pantyhose and pedal pumping endlessly. Here at EP I just might. It never gets old.
Deenmo Deenmo
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I fail to connect the peddle pumping with anything that might be sexy.. Flooding a cars motor and abusing the starter to try and start the flooded motor.. Can you explain this to me?

I would have loved it if you had cried in this story

My practical mother wore casual clothing and "sensible" shoes to drive so, unlike Deenmo, I never got to watch her pump the gas pedal in nylons and heels. Home alone for an entire weekend at age 14, many years ago, I was determined to satisfy my curiosity. I slipped into a pretty summer dress with nothing at all underneath. Elbow length white nylon gloves covered my arms and felt silky on my skin. Nylon stockings with seams up the back did the same for my legs. Most of mom's shoes were too small, but I finally squeezed into a pair of white sandals with much higher heels than I had intended for my first adventure. I walked gingerly out to the garage and slipped behind the wheel of her big, old Pontiac wagon. With my 5-inch high heel balanced on the floor mounted gas pedal, I gave it a couple of awkward pumps and turned the key. I struggled for almost an hour as the car sputtered and chugged and choked and stalled over and over again. My skirt rode up to my waist and my nylon clad legs rubbed together sensuously as I pivoted on my heel and pumped the accelerator harder and harder. My heel wobbled and slipped on the pedal so badly I couldn't feel or control how much gas I was giving it, and I felt wonderfully helpless and sexy when I couldn't get the balky beast started. Then I felt a warm wetness spreading between my legs, and I realized the car was not the only thing I had managed to flood.....

An hour? OMG...I would've loved that. My emotions would've run the gamut from defiance to tears as the reality of being unable to control my car sank in. I hope you will keep sharing your I will.

The struggle lasted at least an hour, but obviously I was not cranking and pumping continuously. There were numerous pauses to let the car recover while I attended to...uh..."personal" needs. As to emotions, I was excited and aroused the entire time. I was in a safe place with no fear of discovery. I had driven this car on our private lane many times without stalling and was sure it was only my inability to feel and control the gas pedal properly with extremely high heels that had transformed me into a damsel in distress. Was this why my mother insisted on "sensible" shoes for driving, at least when I was with her? Did she ever try to drive in more glamorous shoes or boots when she was alone, and had she ever stalled out or flooded because her heels were too high? Every fetish is unique, and I have always been aroused by he notion (whether true or not) that sexy but impractical footwear contributes to the difficulty of starting and driving a balky car. It would have been easy to ask my mother, or some other women in my life, an innocent question about the difficulties of driving in heels and the matter would have been quickly put to rest. Instead, for reasons I may never understand, I found the subject so sensitive I was embarrassed to discuss it with anyone My childish curiosity developed into a secret fetish that eventually led me here.....

I totally get your turn-on. I love the idea that woman deliberately choose sexy high heels and revealing clothing in order to temp the possibility that they will be unable to control their big balky cars.

I use to wait till my mom would go out all night and i would put on pantyhose and go play in her old clunker to !!!! One night i got it started and thought a little drive around the block wouldnt hurt . i got about a mile from home and it stalled on me !!!! There I was in my mom old clunker stalled and i flooded it in just her pantyhose !!! i was soooooooo scared !!! i tried and tried with the battery getting weaker every try !! i held my bare toes to the floor like her and turned the key ! it almost died but it started i drove home as fast as i could parked it then *********** !!!! i was hooked for life !

What is it about wearing pantyhose in an old hard starting, stalling V8 that is so intoxicating? It actually scares me how much I love it and how willing I am to create potentially dangerous situations in order to play out my fantasy again and again.

its called the seduction and i also have a few stories under the heading i love hairy legs on women in case your interested

if you read my story about the girl brought home from germany by the army soldier and would go out and purposly flood her car to get attention from a young guy as her boyfriend was always gone off working that was when i was seventeen years old and is a true story and thats what got me started on my cranking fetish.she had the most beautiful tan legs and being german she didnt shave and had nice peachfuzz blond hair on them which drove me wild when she cranked her old murcury and flooded it good.that might have been the best summer of my life as we became friends and she flooded her car for me many times seeing how much it aroused me watching her do it.i think that started me doing it myself when there was no one else around as my legs looked pretty nice and girly when i was young a bit like hers did.

I guess I haven't read all your stories but I want to read that one and many more. Thanks.

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I've read all your stories. Thanks for your comments on my two stories. In the age of fuel injection its nearly impossible to find an car that won't start unless its out of gas. <br />
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For years I've been disabling old cars when I dress in nylons and heels in an attempt to go for a drive. I love it when the car starts and stalls no matter how hard I press down on the gas pedal and no matter how long I crank the engine. <br />
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My perfect "pedal pumping" world would have me living in an isolated location where there would be no risk of discovery from nosey neighbors with a beautiful, but unreliable Cadillac in the garage and a closet filled with drawers of pantyhose, hangers of tight skirts and racks of 5" heels where I could frantically pump, crank and stall all day long with the "hope" that the right combination of pantyhose, heels and skirt would finally allow me to get my car started -- and of course there would never be the right combination so I'd be stuck forever.

My perfect pumping world as well, deenmo. I would add white dress gloves to the wardrobe because they look and feel so feminine, and because even when women wore them every day they usually removed them to drive. A few older cars with manual chokes and perhaps one with a floor starter would bring back childhood memories and add to the challenge. Speaking of challenges, my perfect private road would have mud and deep water hazards and stop signs on steep upgrades every quarter mile or so. I would need a few pairs of slightly more "sensible" shoes so I could get the car started and drive once in a while, because I would stall out and flood helplessly trying to pump in five inch heels. Not that I wouldn't enjoy trying, and this would be a "stimulating" place to practice....

Oh yes, Jeepump...I love the idea of being dressed in beautiful skirts, nylons and high heels being forced to drive over rough roads with steep inclines fearing every minute that my beautiful but unreliable Cadillac will get stuck and stall in the deep mud...when it does I burst into tears

"Why does it keep stalling," I sob to myself, as I turn the key again and again to start my engine. My shiny nylon covered thighs swish together over and over as I pump the gas pedal with my high heeled foot. Now my fear is that I will run out of gas before I can get my car out of the mud. I'm frantic.

i agree deenmo there is nothing sexier than watching someone with gorgeous legs flooding a car trying to start it.its been a fetish of mine for many years and every time i hear a car struggling to start i get hard hoping there are some beautiful legs behind the wheel flooding it.

In your stories the damsel in distress is usually wearing a short skirt and exposing her beautiful tanned bare legs as she struggles to start her stubborn old Ford. Tell us about the real life event that set your fetish so firmly in your mind. It's powerful, isn't it?