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The frist experience i had with tights was when i was looking through the draws in the spare room , i was 14 and i found a pair of beautiful tan pantyhose. I immediatly went hard , i knew that when everyone was out of the house i would have to try them on. a day later i stayed at home while evryone went shopping. i opened the draw and got them out and sniffed the crotch , they had definatly been worn they smelt lovely. i put the pantyhose on pulling them up to my belly button and made sure the crotch was touching my ***** . i was the hardest i had ever been . I started admiring my legs and starting doing the business. after a few mins i spilt my load all over the tights. I put the tights back in the draw and everytime i am alone i have a **** in the lovely silky soft tan pantyhose. I have used them for so long now they have ladders and rips all down them and I think it is time to steal some more. i go to my nans everyweekend to see her and i was down in the spareroom getting something while they were all in the lounge, i saw a wardrobe open and pantyhose instantly came to my mind. i looked through the draws with no luck , i went to the other room and opened the draw and found in full of nylons , black pantyhose ,tan , beige the lot. i did not have time to take any as they were all new and i like used ones , so i am going to look in the laundry basket next time and if there is no luck i will take the new ones but i am hoping to find some sweaty ones which i can smell the crotch then *** all over. thanks for listening xxx
tightslover567 tightslover567 13-15, M 1 Response May 21, 2012

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Try shaving your legs too!! I even wear nude pantyhose in public with shorts. Send me a friend request if you like.