Fell Asleep With Pantyhose On

Saturday my wife was out of town. So I got my pantyhose out and put them on. I was laying on the bed watching tv and I fell asleep. That was the most restfull sleep I ever had in a long time. No leg cramps at all. When I woke up I felt refreshed. When I took them off it still felt great. Why my wife dose' nt like them it's beyond me because it makes my legs fell great. I like the way it massages my legs and gives me a little tingle. So men put on tites and see what you are missing.
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I think women buy the wrong size and cheaper ones than men who enjoy them wear (or women who enjoy them). Once you have the right fit and style they are a joy to wear whether you are male or female. I find that I don't want to take them off, or that I want them off after a 2 hour break from them. My wife wears my pantyhose, lol. We always have plenty in the house but she enjoys me in them.

i love wearing them too, and now wear them exclusively, with panties.

I wear hosiery daily and your right, they make my legs feel great ! My gf loves the way I look in them. She wears hosiery too but not on a daily basis. More men should try wearing pantyhose. They'll be pleasently surprised at how good their legs will feel. Happy wearing !