Been Too Long

I've been two days now without the real need to wear support hose for work. Today I had a 5 hr drive and did not wear. As the 5th hour was closing I could feel the restlessness in my legs. Any time I travel more than 5-6 hrs I wear my hose. I can feel the difference and I feel more allert. Tomorrow I will be on my feet more than 8 hrs. I will wear them and reap the bennifits. Work without pain and discomfort is such a blessing. Let me encourage any man who has stumbled on this entry to not let social stiggmas keep you from having less pain and discomfort weather it is standing all day or sitting. Support pantyhose helps and you can be free form the missery. Take this as an honest statement coming from a straight man married 35 years to the same woman and having two kids. The bennifits are real. Be bold or be discreat. But enjoy the bennifits.
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

why not

Thanks for your testimony for support hosiery. For normal men, function is a huge part of the purchasing decision. I wish that we would focus on that, as a community. We just might win over more people, that way.

I as others are concerned with your use of "NORMAL". Are you saying some of us are ABNORMAL? Just because we don't all fit in a neat little box. I have worn support hose for many years due to medical reasons, the fact they bring comfort and pleasure is a bonus. But I sure don't think that makes me NORMAL or Not. I just think you could have worded it better. Sorry for picking on you, no harm intended. I must be in one of those bitchy Moods.

The bottom line is that there is such thing as normal and abnormal. Having a legitimate medical reason doesn't make normality disappear.

The reason that you think that it could have been worded better is because you're looking for political correctness, which is what governments, universities, and the media are teaching.

I feel naked without my Legg's Active Support pantyhose under my jeans during the week and with shorts on the weekends.