I Love My Pantyhose

I am sitting here in my support pantyhose, panties, cami, and bathrobe.  I like to run my hands up and down my legs.  I don't have any hair on legs because it just doesn't grow, so I can enjoy the feel of the nylon against my skin.  

I started wearing support pantyhose, support hose to help relieve the swelling in my ankles and lower legs, I didn't know that it would be habit forming.  I wear Men's pantyhose from Comfilon, who make the strongest support hose I have found, but they are a little more expenisive women's hose, right now I am wearing Sears Nice Touch support hoses. 

About the only time that I take them off is for a shower.  I wear them year round, and in the summer I wear them with women's shorts that come down to a little above the knee.  I have a couple of pair that come to mid thigh, and my wife will not go out in public with me when I have them on.  But a  girl has to have her slutty feeling now and them.

My wife does accept my hose wearing, and the panties. She doesn't like to see me fully dressed, but in the summer when I have shorts on she will rub my leg.  I think she likes the feel of nylon too.

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Thanks ;) Dumb people just annoy me, and Betty really annoyed me.

Good answer, I just loved it.

Wow, that's quite a bit of self loathing from BettyCDVA... so the CD in the name doesn't mean crossdresser eh? Ok, whatever. I am glad that things in your narrowminded world are so great that the only thing you can ***** about is on a free site where other people didn't write what you wanted to **** off too. Boo hoo, I feel horrible for you.... go find your sexy ladies elsewhere.<br />
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you all are sick. i thought i was going to read about sexy ladies, but instead i read about degenerates. I have to get a new keyboard thanks to these stories because my keyboard is now covered in vomit.

My fiance rubs my legs all the time, and she admits to always enjoying the feel of nylon. Now she gets to enjoy the feel of nylon all the time without wearing them herself.<br />
<br />
I have tried Comfilon myself but I enjoy all sorts of pantyhose and i dont care if they are made for men or women. I shave my legs every other day and wear pantyhose nearly everyday. When i get home i like to wear skirts and panties or other lingerie with my pantyhose. I'm fortunate that my fiance accepts and encourages me to wear what I want.