Posing Thongs

Hello, i like to be seen wearing thongs, i have not used one on beach or pool, but i plan to.

I use thong in my flat with my boyfriend, or sometimes to go to work (not too often), one night, we were drinking with two friends (they are boyfriends) and as the night go on, we started taking of our clothes to be on underwear, so, we start to pose each underwear, so i go to my bedroom ant take out my thongs and start to pose them to my friends and my boyfriend, they wear some too, it was great.

Later, we were posin naked and the we were having oral sex till we came....

Other days, i like to show myself by webcam, i show my thongs to some guys on msn or chats, i enjoy comments i receive for showing my thongs....

have a nice day...
nfelarias nfelarias
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I love thongs. would love to see your webcam.<br />
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Yahoo = rag1055844<br />
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lucky bfs!