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So Horny

I wore thong panties for the first time at a friends house during a sleep over, my mum wouldn't let me have any because she said they wern't right for a 10 year old girl but that made me even more curious.  My friend gave me a pair of white ones, they were so small compared to my normal knickers.  I slipped them on under my nightie when we went to bed and the bit that went up my bum felt strange but nice and they were very tight over my cunny.  As we laid in our sleeping bags I was on my front and my nightie had rode up, the sleeping bag on my bum felt strange and as we chatted about boys and sex I felt my cunny swell and I kind of bunched the sleeping bag up between my thighs and squeezed on it getting tingly.  Eventually the lights went out and I rolled on my back and I felt the shape of my thong over my puss, it was so tight it had gone up my slit and I was feeling very horny because it ground up tight into me, I fingered my hole because the panties were like a string and I tugged them up high until I gasped and went all tight and still.  My friend let me keep them and we both ********** wearing them, sometimes telling eachother over the phone. 

navyblue navyblue 16-17, F 2 Responses Aug 5, 2008

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u wear ten and u fingered ur hole and got wet... wow.... i love wearin thong they are so sexy i love the fel of them

Wow that is a good friend to have :-)