Love Wearing Tights

it started about 3 years ago when i was 17 and started going out with this girl. She was really into running and swimming.  she would often wear tights for running due t the cold weather and i love how it clings on her sexy body. i like to feel her up and liked the touch of the lycra giving me a ***** all the time. Than one day she asked me to go running with on the weekend and it was lik 0 degrees outside in the winter. i told her it was too cold and trying to make excuses to get out of it. i told he and i didn't have anything to wear to keep me warm. She said lets go shopping and get something for running. It was Friday evening and we went to our local sporting good store and went to the running department.  We saw a bunch of running pants and she pulled out a pair of nike black dri-fit tights, and said this will keep you warm. She said thats the same type she wears, i told her that i don`t want that style. i told her it looks gay, she got mad cause she thinks i was making an excuse not to go running with her. Trying to make up with her, i said i would try it on.She said you are no suppose to wear boxers underneath the tights. She than handed me a size small nike tights and ask me to go to the changing room. i was kind of embrassed telling myself guys don`t wear tights, likely their was no sales people around or customers. i headed to the changing room and started to remove my pants and boxers. I pulled on the tights and started to get a *****. i had the biggest erection of my life, the feel of the lycra cling to my **** and ***. i didn`t know what to do, she started to ask me to come out  to show her. I didn`t know what to do, we are both virgins and she has never seen my penis before. i finally came out of the changing room trying to cover my erection with my shirt. She looked at me and said you are blushing whats wrong, i said nothing.  She said it looks good on me and lifted my shirt to get a better view of my body. She notice my erection and she just backed of.  She has never seen a boys erection before or a penis. It was such a turn on showing my erection to my gf, first time i have shown to a girl. i quickly went and change to my regular clothes and purchased the tights.  This is how i got hooked in wearing tight. I went home that night and jerked of like 5 times wearing the tights.
Sunday comes around and i put on my tights to get reay for my run, and wanted my gf to see my **** again. i choose to wear a shirt that would not cover my bulge. i walked over to her house and i notice her constaintly looking at my bulge during the whole run. After the run i grabbed her and started rubbing my erection aganst her butt. damn it felt so good, both of us in Lycra.  We finally finish the run, and head over to my house. We started making out and finally i grab her hand and got her to tough my raging hard on. i pulled down my tights and she gave me my first blow job. 
This is how i got this fetish on wearing tights and my gf has a fetish in looking at guys bulges.

she tells me know that she loves looking at guys bulges and seeing the outlines of the dicks in swimming and in tights.
ever seens than we would go to local swim meets and watch guys in speedos and she and i just admires the guys bulges.
i am so hooked that i wear tights to sleep and jerk off in them every night.
i own like 5 pairs of tights and jammers for swimming.
i love showing my erection in my tights to my gf, and i would often wear them  to her house.
and we are not even going running
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Great story! We have a lot in common. I also have the Nike Dri-fit tights, and they are awesome. Of all my athletic tights, those are my favorite. I wear them when exercising and at the gym. My gf also likes to rub me and make me hard in my tights.