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First Time In Tights, First ****** In Tights

I remember my first time in tights. I was in early grade school.  The tights were opaque, british racing green in colour. The American Tab brand I think.  My mother would dress us in tights and t-shirts when we were at home. As soon as we came home from school...all of us..brothers and my sister. I remember my mom slipping the tights on me and showing me how to put them on. She expected us to wear the tights and t-shirts at home. My Dad didn't seem to care. The very first time I had on underwear, I loved the feeling of the material lwrapped around my legs and they fit snuggly against my bottom and up to my waist. The snap of the waistline is best.  I loved to wiggle my toes feel the sensation an my feet. Within days I discovered the sensation of tights against my anatomy. WOW!! I never wore underwear with tights ever again. My brothers would complain to my mom that I had no underwear on...but as far a I can recall...I never received any punishment for breaking the rules.

First Time ****** In Tights,
Within days, I discovered the sensation of tights solely on my anatomy. WOW!!!  As I discovered...this incredible sensation in my groin increased as I touched myself through the tights.  I remember totally, the wonderful feelings and the experience. I was in our basement. We had a kids play area/room. I remember being alone and turning a large cardboard box on its end for a fort. Sitting in this fort , I then streched out my legs and started to touch myself through the tights because I enjoyed the feeling so much. My penis started to grow!!! I was amazed!!!  This I did not know of at the time. The more I touched...the more I grew.  I felt soooooo nice to slap my penis about in my tights. I did not know of stroking my erect penis at this point in my life.  My tights were, I guess, big enough to have my penis stick out with an erection without much restraint from the tights. Sooooo...I just kept slapping myself about. Then that sensation we all know started. I felt  I could not stop...keep going...keep ummm slapping...umm..and then... the RUSH of enjoyment through my body, pointing my toes in my tights...WOW!!! It seemed to last sooooo long and slowly, slowly went away. No ***, just pure ******!! It happened several times that day!!  I continued this sequence of events every chance I could. Where's Paul..."he's in the play room"Cheers
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Nice. Like many who have commented, my first ****** occurred while wearing pantyhose. I was 12 or 13. I had them on under my jeans, and I was riding my bike. The peddling motion created rubbed me enough between my legs causing me to climax. I didn't really understand it at the time, but quickly figured out what had happened shortly thereafter.

Wow, these stories are too good to be true. Mothers who dress their little boys in tights?

Thanks for the comments. Yes true to life story(ies). Feel free to yahoo messenger me a freddyderf54 or email me at Cheers Fred.

I started wearing tights when I was 7 years old. I wore a pair of black tights with my Halloween costume and absolutely loved how they felt on my legs. After Halloween, I kept the tights and would wear them around the house. My father was overseas in the military so he wasn't around, and my mother never said a word about it.<br />
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My first ****** came when I tried on a pair of pantyhose with my sister's bodysuit. I was jumping around and being stupid and all of a sudden....I thought I was going to pass out. <br />
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My wife knows that I love tights and will sometimes indulge me in my fetish by either slipping them on me while I am blindfolded or telling me to put them on.

Thanks for your comments. Perhaps we can share more stories. Cheers

Well I am 62 now and still wear panties and tights every day. I have two pairs of boy briefs to wear at the doctors or hospital visits for tests. I did go for some tests recently and wore a pair of tight nylon girls boy short style panties. I thought I would be totally undressed but when the nurse said leave your underwear on I felt my heart race. On with the gown and house coat and into the room with just the young nurse getting things ready. When she said "I will take your underwear now" I just looked at her and tried not to blush. "Don't be shy" she said holding out her hand as I slid the panties down my legs and she just took them and put them in the house coat pocket and helped me onto the gurney. "You have nothing I have not seen before" she said and lifted the gown to my waist to prep. I just smiled and made some small talk until the doctor came in. If my memory serves me right this is the second time I have been caught at the hospital in about three years but that is another story.

I feel it comforting that there are persons who have had similar childhood experiences with tights. It's amazing how something positive or a liking, done in chilhood stays with us. Cheers

Hey I know what you both mean about the soft silky feeling of the tights. I was wearing them from an early age too. My sister lent me a red pair of hers one Halloween when I had no costume ideas. My parents were not home at the time so off we went to her room and I put on a pink pair of nylon panties (loved them) and the red tights and then she put a dress over my head and said thats your costume. My hair was not that long and with the short dress and a hair band with a bow on it, I didn't really look like a girl but that was a costume so it didn't matter. The dress was real short and the thought of everyone seeing my bum was exciting to me and we walked for many blocks getting lots of candy but when we got home I didn't want to get undressed so we just lay on the carpet in her room sorting out the candy. When my parents came home I quickly got undressed and asked her not to tell mom and dad what I wore. From that day on I wore tights whenever I could and panties also and I still wear both to this day.

I really understand how you felt! I had similar experiences. After I found out I was cast as Peter Pan in a school play, my Mom had me wear tights and t-shirts or sweaters at home quite a bit. It became 'normal' for me; I'd get home from school, and immediately undress completely and select a pair of tights from my dresser drawer. Within a short time, Mom had bought all sorts; they were all proper tights (no footless ones) and many were quite long at the waste; at 9 years old, I remember some of them could be pulled right up to my armpits! Some were cotton, very soft... others were nylon, much like thick pantyhose. I really liked those ones; they made my legs tingle SO much. I loved it if somebody would rub my legs when I wore them. I had so many different colors, too.... yellow, white, blue, black, red, you name it. Fun times!