Used Panties Are A Great Find

Panties are great to enjoy either clean or dirty, but with used panties there is that added excitement of the scents, the visual of the stains in the crotch, and also the tastes, and also the fact that they were recently worn. The combination creates an intense level of excitement, from finding them to the first whiff of the scent, first taste of the crotch, to imagining the woman wearing them. Panties are just such an incredible turn on, its so amazing how a piece of clothing can be such a turn on. I love how intense panties make me feel. Check out our profile for more about us.
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

I found a few pair of panties just yesterday. I work on a ship. A grey one. Anyhow, while touring one of the female berthing areas, i stumbled across a lone rack that had women's clothing scattered about. It would seem the owner left the ship and left her belongings. All the other racks were cleaned out. I could not resist sifting throught the pile. Found quite a few panties and pulled out maybe 8 pair. Brought them home, but unlike what I read here...I did wash them. they seemed as if they had been washed prior to being stored in her rack, however, with all the dirty work going on around, I washed them. On top of it, they seem almost new as they have no stains...yet.

I agree completely. To get a worn pair of panties is the ultimate, especially when you put them on and then you smell just like a lady. Getting flushed just thinking about it.

I feel the exact same way!

It is exact, what I feel! I am very happy that I met somebody thinking like me.