My Rubber Booted Experiences

My family moved to the country when I was 9 years old.  When I went to school I was mesmerized by the boys who wore their rubber boots all day in class.  The most popular style was black with red trim.  I would sit in class and stare at their rubber booted feet.  I remember that on a warm day I could smell the rubber from their boots.  At the time I didn't own rubber boots, but began to persuade my parents that I needed a pair.  When i finally got a pair, then i joined the crowd and wore them all day every day as well.  That lasted til high school where boots were not permitted.  As soon as I went to university, though, i was back in those rubber boots all day every day.  Now i wear mostly hip rubber boots and spend several hours in them almost everyday.  I don't feel "normal" without my rubber boots on.  Uniroyal hip rubber boots on  - black with yellow trim - as I write this.

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I wore my Wellingtons to school a lot in infants and junior school. Usually kept them on all day. I also wore them to grammar school, but not nearly so often. Wish I had now! It was a boys-only school and we indulged in the usual boys activities frequently, even in class sometimes. I would love to have done it with a boy who also had his Wellingtons on!

When I was about 7-10 years old I also saw the boys on my class wearing wellies, It was a shame girls didn't wear them, I really enjoyed wearing wellies on those days, although, I stopped wearing them for no reason :S

Wow, Tingley rubbers? They're so amazing, real, classic RUBBERS! I have pictures of mine in my profile. <br />
I too had to wear rubbers any time the grass might be wet or I might get my sneakers wet. If it was looking like rain I had to have my rubbers with me and if it was raining hard I wore taller tingley unlined black rubber boots over my sneakers - and I still do.<br />
I had to have a jockstrap for gym and wore white briefs under my jeans. I had to wear waterproof diaper pants over my briefs for a while too and most of the time at night in case I had an "accident" and they too were referred to as "rubbers" and they were rubber!<br />
Also, if it was raining I wore a green cotton reversing to yellow rubber raincoat (retco/rothco) and always tried to figure out if I should wear the rubber in or out so I alternated. It was a really nice raincoat and was called a benchwarmer for whatever reason.<br />
When it was muddy out came the rubbers or boots then when it got cold I too had the four then later five buckle LaCross rubber boots. For both the Tingley and the buckle boots I used baggies to help get them on over my sneakers. Oh, if I had dress shoes then I really had to wear rubbers to protect them. For a while I had shiny black rubbers with some sort of cloth inside and for working I had to use some heavier two buckle rubbers or again, the black five buckle heavy things, and again, I still wear them.<br />
In collage I wore leather workboots and this time I got Tingley ankle high work rubbers to protect them and found black shiny five buckle rubber boots with red at the bottom and top, nice.<br />
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Hi Jimmy,
I guess your story is very similar to mine. Tingley work rubbers or storm rubbers are worn rain or shine here. I am a gardener. Also wear bib overalls, jock strap, union, wool socks, leather boots and a pair of Tingley work rubbers or 5 buckle 14" rubber boots. Makes no difference where I go, the rubbers are put on before I leave. Would love to hear more about your own experiences.

As a child and teenager, I was made to wear Tingley rubbers to school from October until late April, along with a union suit and jock strap. On cloudy days or when it was raining, I was made to wear a rain coat. If there was snow on the ground, I had to wear black 5 buckle rubber boots. In college until present, I continue to wear rubbers, rain or shine. I like the look and the snug feeling. Any one else out there made to wear rubbers to school?

Nice story of wearing black rubber boots with the red trim in school all day. Fantastic! I also like wearing my hip boots all day.

Did other people wear their boots to school? In my school in England not many tend to wear them after they are 11 year old but I wore mine quite a lot, especially when it was wet.

I have no idea what they look like, but whatever u like to wear on your feet, wear it :D<br />
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I always wear shoos of El Naturalista. They feel soooo comfortable and they are also quit artistic looking.<br />
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