Wet Wellies

When I was 13, I would love to get in my riding boots and go to the creek. I'd normally be the only one there, and I would take off my shirt, and just jump into the lake. With my trousers tucked in my knee-high boots. I would go land and take off my boots letting the water out.

One time in school, I was wearing my boots. On my way to school, I dipped my boots in the creek and they had water inside of them. It was late, so I ran off to school keeping the water in. During the 2nd lesson, little drips of water came out of my boots when I moved around. I panicked. One of the worst moments in my life. The teacher asked me to come to the front and read something aloud. The book fell down, so I bent down to pick it up. Out came a whole bunch of water. Everyone was laughing and my checks went red. The teacher grabbed his slipper and knelt me on the floor and slippered me four times, hardly. I cried. I was forced to stay after class and clean up the mess.

Jasonrubber Jasonrubber
18-21, M
Oct 22, 2011