Teen Convert

I never ha vwellies until I was nearly 15. We lived in London until then and wellies were not really needed.
Just before my 15th birthday Mum decided we were moving back to the village she grew up in. We moved in with my grandparents, and i had to sleep downstairs in the back room.
We'd been there a couple of days when Mum & gran came back from shopping a handed me a large white darrier bag which contained a pair of pale green wellies, with yellow soles. The legs were quite wide for my skinny legs so they flopped about a lot. At first I was embarrassed to wear them, but soon found other lads my age wore them all the time, including to school sometimes. So I started wearing them. Once I'd worn them in I started to realy love them. I particularly loved tucking my hands down inside. I was soon wearingthem all the time to hanf out in the village with the other kids. I even became famous for them.
When we first lived there I couldn't even say "wellingtons" without being overcome with embarrassment. A year later I was never out of them and was calling them "welly boots". Mine were usually referred as my smelly wellies or "smellies", as they were smelly from being worn so much. I was made to leave them outside at home because of it.
When I was 17 I got a pair of black Hunters for Christmas, which I equally loved. I was never out of them abd even wore them to sixth form college in winter. I was well knwn as the welly kid.
It has never been a sxual thing with me, i just love wearing them, i feel safe and comfortable and more confident in them. that said, i had penty of sex in them in my late teens once I'd come out. Other gay guys inthe area knew that the lad in black Hunters put out!
I'm now living back on the outskirts of Lobdon ,but live in mynwellies at weekends snd regularly commute into London in my green Hunters when its wet.
simonNwellybots simonNwellybots
May 12, 2012