In Love With My Wellies

I never had wellies between being a little kid and being fifteen. We moved out of town because of dad's work to the edge of a market town. Mum bought us all wellies as a moving 'present'. Can't say I was impressed at first but dad mad me wear mine the day we moved as an example to my little brother & sister, not that they wore theirs. They were just cheap pale green boots with a yellow sole, that slapped against my legs when I walked, i remember being embarrassed walking in the motorway service station, wellies slapping against my bare legs, but for some reason being turned on by it as well. After we'd eaten, I went to the toilet for a little hand relief, something I did again when we got to our new home.
Encouraged by dad I wore my wellies alot andvtey just got better and better. When it snowed I found that all of my new mates had wellies. They were hot days in the cold snow in our welly boots! It snowed again during my first term in sixth form and I wore my wellies to college for over a week. I was so turned on by it. I was pretty much the only lad in college in wellies, but I didn't care. It made me knd of hot to the welly wearing girls and I got laid as a consequence.
I got Hunters for my seventeenth birthday which I love, though I wish I said black not green. I've since bought myself black ones, and my girlfriend pairs in pale blue, white and red. I met her when at Uni in my first term. She thinks the welly thing in bed is a bit weird, but she loves wearing the wellies I've bought her. She knows that with wellies in I'll really give it some welly.
I wear my wellies whenever I can. We're kind of famous for them round here.Any wet day to go across campus, to the supermarket most of the time and we go for a welly walk every Sunday. I love the welies, se loves doing it outside. Perfect!!!
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PS alhough I love Hunters, I still love my well worn cheapo wellies. They are what I wear around campus cos they slip on and off so easily and have such a wonderful smell. I recently bought a new pair like them as they are starting to split. Need to get some hard wellying in to wear them in!