Why I Love To Wear My Wellies Indoors

Most things have a reason, and when I look back, it seems like loving wellies had to be. One of my earliest memories, is from when I was about 3 years old. I was playing with the next door kid, and we decided to use their master bed as the playground. I do not remember what his mother thought about it, but I do remember that we were fully dressed in raingear and wellies, after playing outside earlier. Later we moved, and my best friend was the girl next door. She was two years older then me, and wore red and blue wellies. When we were playing at her place, she would always keep her wellies on inside, even though they often were quite muddy.Then one day, she must have been around 10 years old, she made up a "game " We got our wellies real muddy, and walked in, through the front door, and the winner was the one that made the longest trail of muddy footprints on the floor. I think we even made it to the living room. Then later we moved again, and I started at a new school. At this time sailing boots was common foot wear, white for the girls, and blue for the boys.The white ones always looked dirty. I remember there was a girl in my class, often wearing the white wellies, and a blue rain jacket. We used to walk together home from school. One day she was going somewhere after school, she wanted me to follow her home to leave the bag- and grab something to eat, and then walk with her to her friend. When we walked in the front door, her mother yelled at her, telling her to take her wellies off. She yelled back, yes mother, as she walked through the living room, stepping up on a chair, walking across the couch, and in to the kitchen, still with her wellies on.She was realy naughty. After that day, I looked twice at her when she wore her wellies.No wonder I love wellies. Around this time my parents became friends with this family, who wore wellies indoors, and the sight of muddy wellies indoors became almost a common thing. I always wore blue sailing boots at home, but when I was around 16 years old I got my first pair of tall wellies. I still remember the feeling of the wellies on my leg. I think it was a pair of hunter wellies, that came from my grandfather. I wore theese green wellies from morning to evening, and even went to bed in them a couple of times. when it was raining outside, and it often did, I dressed my self up in welies and rain gear, and before I was going to bed, I went outside, splashed through mud, and sometimes lied down in the mud, before I went inside, walked up the stairs, and went to bed, in full rain gear. I also loved to play the "game", walking upstairs on my heels, and making footprints on the green carpet and mud down the sofa. When my parents were gone, I used to mud down my wellies, and climb around on the sofa, leaving wet footprints on the brown leather. Now wearing wellies is quite normal for me, and I guess some of the thrill and exitment is gone, and they are mostly fairly clean, but one day I was working outside, digging a ditch, I went inside to get a glass of water, covered with mud and clay all over. When I got inside, my wife sat there in her green wellies and a dress. When she saw me, she dragged me to bed, with the muddy wellies and the raingear. Both her dress, and the sheets had to be washed after that
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Very nice story. Great to have wife who also likes to wear wellies inside.
What kind of wellies does your wife have?