As many others, I love to wear wellies. I know that many of you wear your wellies when nowbody sees it. But how many actualy wears wellies when others are around. Who wears wellies on a night out, going visiting friends, and at home when friends come on visit. Do you hide your passion/ love for wellies. I my self try to make it at "common" thing. I wear wellies a lot, even home when people visit. I live in a country where most people take of their shoes at the door, so I very rearly wear them in other peoples home. Do you ? When and where do you wear your wellies?
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Can't resist posting a reply to this! For many years I was very self-conscious wearing my rubber boots out in public, and only did so in wet weather and would hide them under my pants legs. But as I've gotten older I now take delight in showing off my rubber boots of many different colors, matching them to the colors of my clothing, wearing them everywhere I go when it's wet and all winter whether it's wet or dry. In warm, dry weather I like to wear flipflops with cargo shorts but I always have a pair of rubber boots at hand to change into in case of rain or other wet conditions, and it's great fun showing off rubber boots on bare legs with shorts. I also switch from flipflops to rubber boots to drive in, because I don't feel it's safe to drive in flipflops--too easy to catch on the brake pedal in a sudden stop.
In my area I'm the only man who wears rubber boots, regardless of how bad the weather is. If I go to someone's home in rubber boots I remove them when I go inside, as most people here don't wear shoes indoors. However, in my own home I'm always in rubber boots, clean pairs that I only wear in the house.

My wife and I just love going out with our wellies on, eating out, cinema, shopping, on holiday, always when people visit us at home, we are so addicted we still wear t hem throughout the summer

Hey - its realy nice to wear wellies when others are around, like when you have visitors. When I first met my wife, we rented a house from my family, with cream carpet in the living room..... The first time her mother came visit, both her and me was in our wellies, and kept them on in the house. I still remember the look she gav us, when my wife steped up on the couch, and walked behind me to find her place in the midle, still in her wellies.

I am a welly addict,live in my wellies outdoors and indoors too

I wear them when it's wet or muddy. I'm not making a show out of it.

Me and my partner wear wellies a lot! We wear them out shopping, out for meals, for walks and even to work!!

certainly can't beat that, I wear mine for shopping at times but never for work although I always have a pair in the car (just in case)

Anytime and everyday

Nice - I wore mine yesterday when a friend came visit. He left his shoes at the door, but i kept my wellies on, and even had my feets up in the couch