Wearing Wellies And Enjoying Them

Hi there i love wellies rubber or PVC waders and rubber clothing and I have done so since I was a child and I wear wellies all the time and especially nora wellies. I would like to hear from others who have the same attraction or fetish and this to help others express their experience and chat with others who have the same interest.

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I am also a lover of Rubber Boots or other get in touch with me!

In 2002, I lived in a house with other boys. One of the boys sometimes asked me a white shirt and a backpack. As I already was working and had a motorcycle, I bought a oilskin, both for rain and for the day I made ​​her wash. One day I put on my oilskin, like underwear, and managed so that would not be visible and wear his clothes. At least a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. I do not remember if the shirt was mine or belonged to him. I went to the shop with that outfit on my motorcycle. The girl who knew me, said I looked different when I handed the helmet on the information desk. But the conversation ended there. I used his clothes, but I have not had any body contact with them. If I sweat, stood in oilskin.

I try to wear some rubber clothing, if only underwear, all the time. What rubber clothing do you wear?

WOW I really love all of these welly stories and it certainly brings back memories of school days wearing them with and without the punishment.

When I was 11, my mum told me to put on my rubber boots. So I did. (bare feet ) I went to school, and tucked my trousers into my boots. Later that day during assembly, my boots were squelching. The Headmaster grabbed me and pushed me onto the stage, in front of everyone. I was slippered. Tears dripped from my face, everyone laughed. After assembly, some boys my age told me how brave I was., and became my friends. After that, I always wore boots to school to try and get in trouble. <br />
<br />
At school, there was a pond in the back of the field. During break, I would normally go and dip my feet into there, getting my boots soaked. <br />
<br />
However, one time a teacher saw me do so and told me, "if you like boots so much, then you obviously won't feel bad about this punishment". She took of my boots, and gave me old nasty rubber boots that were way too big for me. THey were up to my thighs! I had to hold the edges of them from falling. They were all wet and smelly. But I still wore my boots to school everyday.

well done !!! Wearing wellies at all times has become a way of life for me now,and nobody seems to comment any more,they just accept it.It still gives a secret enjoyment though to know I'm bare foot in my wellies,rgds Squelchie

I love your story. I would have loved to try these old smelly boots too! Thanks.

I wore my Wellingtons to school a lot, and kept them on all day. We had double desks and I loved to sit by somebody who also kept his Wellingtons on in class and rub my boots against his whenever possible. I would **** later thinking about it! I would hate it if I had worn my shoes to school, but there was somebody in the class wearing his (or her) Wellingtons. This happened sometimes if it had been dry in the morning but rained a dinner time and I had stayed in school for dinner. Some of my friends would return wearing their Wellingtons - and I had shoes on. A nice **** later would help, but would have been better if I had had my Wellingtons on and able to splash around with my mates in our Boots on the way home

One of my earliest memories was, when about 4 years-old, I saw the teenage girl next door wearing a pair of black knee-high wellingtons and then watched her boyfriend pulling them off for her. Since then, I have been fascinated by wellies and when I was about 10 years-old found myself sitting next to a girl in class who wore her wellies all day. Every so often, my bare leg (we wore short trousers in those days) would brush against her welly and the feel of the rubber would actually excite me. When I wore my own wellies, I would ask my mother or sister to pull them off for me, as it gave me a thrill. Nowadays, I love wearing my old Dunlop wellies and, if I see someone else wearing a pair of wellies or even waders, I always hope that the person would ask me to pull them off. Alternatively, I watch in the hope that I would see someone else pulling them off. One day, near a certain sailing club, I saw a woman standing looking out across the water and noticed that she was wearing rubber hip waders. I decided to speak to her, so I stood next to her and "accidentally-on-purpose" touched the top of one of her waders. I found myself having an erection and immediately "wet" my pants. I then walked away totally embarrassed.

i remember when i was about 5 years old i used to slope off to the cupboard under the stairs where the families wellies were all stored and would feel excited i would happily play around with them for hours, i loved wearing them and trying the different sizes on, any way to jump ahead a few years when i was about fourteen i had an old well worn pair of black rubber cebos circa 1950s,they were getting a bit thin at the insides of the feet and the lining was all rotting on the inside so i pushed arm down the shaft of 1 of them until my hand was in the appropriate spot then shoved my fore finger against it until my finger popped through i was made up with the hole i had just made and decided to do the same with the other 1 then as the lining were fraying here and there i couldnt resist the temptation to pull at them and i ended up pulling them out as this had weakened the structure of my wellies somewhat as you can imagine it didnt take long for those holes to strech when wearing them especially as they were a little small on me anyway so going in water the obvious soon happened, wow i felt so sexy and excited that i couldnt contain myself i slipped off to a really quiet place took them off i put my **** in the split in 1 welly put theother 1 on myleft arm so that i could open the split in it the split and proceeded towank into the split in my welly that was my first **** it was fantastic, i have been wearing wrecking and generally enjoying rubber wellies ever since, im 63 now and still enjoy but wish i could find another pair of black rubber cebos like the ones i had

Thank you Squeichie you really landed in Welly heaven well done I hope you are able to wear your wellies these days with the support and freedom you had then. Love the story great well done. I moved from a big city to a small town and the momnent we arrive in the small town my shoes where giving my feet trouble so my Mum tock me off to the small shoe store which had more wellies than shoes and I got a lovely pair of black shinny rubber wellies which did't hurt and were so very comfy.

I kept on wearing my boots too even in the summer ,with the legs inside my trousers in school as dad having a new job we moved into the countyside,the school there were much more relaxed being full of farmers children ,nothing was said as long as your wellies were clean and in my case polished by me mum to a high gloss.Dad earning more money meant i could have apair of wellies to wear for school,a pair to play in and a short pair to wear indoors as slippers(welly heaven).<br />
rgd Squelchie

Great story and yes I've made farting noises in my wellies but unfortunately I was never punished for it which, looking back, is quite surprising as I was punished regularly whilst wearing wellies.<br />
<br />
One day I was with 3 other boys looking at some equipment in a science room at school and we were saying that this was the equipment that the headteacher had been talking about that morning and that no-one should touch it. No-one was touching it but suddenly the headteacher entered the room and shouted at the boy wearing rubber boots to go down to his room.<br />
At first no-one moved but then I realised that he meant me even though I had not touched it.<br />
<br />
I received the slipper several times across my backside.<br />
<br />
The good news is though that everyone knew that I had not touched it and suddenly I was the most popular boy in the class.<br />
<br />
I kept on wearing my boots hoping that I would get into trouble again as it made me popular with the other boys.

Good story. The question is did you enjoy your six whacks.<br />
I received the slipper a good number of times but always whilst wearing my boots. In summer months when I wore ordinary shoes I never got into trouble. I was a quiet boy in class. So quiet that many teachers never remembered my name. But it was amazing that I hardly ever was slippered or caned when I wore ordinary shoes. As soon as I wore my boots the teachers seemed to see me as a different person.<br />
The thing was that I enjoyed wearing my boots and I learned to enjoy the beatings even more.

I hope that you kept on wearing your boots. Not all teachers seemed to like boots as much as i did. Often I found myself getting into trouble with teachers when I had done nothing wrong. I'm sure that a lot of teachers saw me wearing boots in class and decided that i was from a poor family and for some reason thought I must be a trouble maker. <br />
They never really found what i was really like but I was happy to play the role of trouble maker in the class as everyone enjoyed it when I got into trouble. <br />
I also enjoyed it especially when I was given the slipper in front of everyone. I found that it was the best way to make friends with everyone.

I understand exactly what you mean about wearing your rubber boots and getting in trouble because the teacher figured that your family was poor. I fought that all the time. I remember the first time that I wore my rubber boots to school. What started it was the pair of jeans that I wore every day fineally split out and needed to be sewed up. I was hopimg that I wouldn't have to go to school but there was this pair off maybe size 14 husky size jeans that fit around my waiste but were way too short for me when I sat down especially noticeable. In a attempt to try to make the situation a little less uncomfortable I was told to just wear my rubber boots to covor my legs because these jeans were better than half way up to my knees whan I sat down. I remember wearing my rubber boots and how it felt. There defiently wasn't any hiding the fact that my jeans were way too short for me and my old rubber boots stuck out because they were so exposed. I was in seventh grade and even though some kids teased me I couldn't concentrate on anything except how the rubber boots felt and how they looked especially with the short jeans. Anyway thats how , y fetish with rubbet boots started. Many times sfter that I wore my rubber boots to school. It didn't matter how I dressed that much because it was clear that I was from a poor family because I wore a plain white tee shirt everyday a denim jean jacket and the dame pair of jeans every day. Even in the winter season when other kids wore coats I still jusy wore my jean denim jacket and a V neck tshirt. Even though in a way it made me feel ashamed when some kids ask whzt happened to my pants or where did you get those clothes from or you would hear some boys say things like you know Jeff's family is so poor he doesn't even have any schoolclothes. There were also the times when I was just a few years younger and we lived in a small village that there were times when some friends would stop by after school in the late afternoon or evening and wonder what I was into and wanted me to come out and play ball however they soon realised that my jeans had been washed out by hand and were hanging to dry and that I couldn't really run around outside because when they came to the house I would be wearing only my briefs. A couple times when maybe a kid came by with them who didn't know my situation would say go get dressed so you can come outside and one of the other kids with them would try to make them shut up because they knew I didn't I have any other clothes to wear.

I like wearing wellies as well. I don`t exactly remember how it started, but I remember that when I was a child I stepped into my father's big rubber boots and I somehow felt good. I got my first pair of rubber boots when I was about 8, they were brown and had a soft lining; I liked to wear them when playing in the forest and I also liked the smell when taking them off. next pairof rubber boots was green, and some day I noticed that they were ripped and my feet got wet. I liked that very much. From that on I regularly soaked my rubber boots ( and still do that) in a creel or river.<br />
Today I have 20 pairs of rubber boots different colours of NORA unlined (green, black, white and grey), HUnter (red, blue, black, yellow, lilac and magenta) and several other pairs.

good story.<br />
I remember wearing wellies to school because it was pouring with rain,went to put my shoes on and discovered my satchel had leaked and my shoes and socks were soaked.so showed the teacher,who said you'll just have to wear your wellies all day then,what pleasure!<br />
so at every lesson I turned up in my wellies,told the teacher what happened and kept them on.<br />
Coming up for the last lesson my feet were getting very sweaty in my boots and would easily make farting noises to the amusment of my classmates.last lesson religious education,didn't tell teacher why I was wearing wellies of course,so when i went to to clean the blackboard off at the end of the lesson,had to stretch to reach top of board and both wellies chose that momentt to fart loudly.<br />
for this I got six whacks from the teacher for making disgusting noises in class, amy boots got even sweatier by the time he had finished so walked out carefully to avoid squelching

Having been slippered at school once for wearing my boots I was determined to continue wearing them as I enjoyed the feel of the boots on my leg and i was also excited by having been punished in front of my class mates.<br />
It was only a few days later when i was walking down the corridor in school and two boys ran out of a room and knocked me over. As I fell they fell on top of me. Just then a teacher appeared and asked what was going on. One of the other boys quickly said that I had pushed them. The teacher turned to the other boy and asked if that was true. The other boy of course said yes so I was taken away to the Headteacher. The Headteacher picked up a slipper and walked me back to my class. He explained to the class that I had been acting silly in the corridor and needed to be punished.<br />
<br />
As I bent over and put my hands on my knees I remember that everyone in the class had a smile on their face and were going to enjoy this. I was slippered three times then the Headteacher left. Suddenly everyone seemed to want to be my friend. This was good. I felt was happy.

in my schooldays ,wearing wellies to school one day because of the snow I was tripped by one of the other kids and fell over,in doing so I twisted my right ankle ankle,did'nt take much notice until I went to take my boots off,to find the right one stuck fast on my swollen ankle.so had to wear them all day at school until my mother came to collect me.I told her what happened so when we were home she tried to pull my boot off with no success,stuck fast.<br />
So she took me to the local hospital wher they x rayed my ankle with the boot still on to see if anything was broken,no broken bones found.,so next thing while I was on the couch the doctor said I'll have to cut his boot off,as I saw the shining steel of the scissors approaching the welly I jumped off the couch and ran for it.<br />
The Doctor thought it was funny! I had to wear my boot for two days until my ankle swelling was reduced enough to pull it off.

I too am obsessed by wearing wellies.<br />
It all started quite a few years ago when it had snowed and my mother told me to wear my wellies to school. I was all of 13 years old and said 'no' as i was now too old for wellies. Just then a friend who lived across the road from me and went to the same school knocked at my door as we went to school together. I looked at him and he was wearing his wellies but he had turned over the tops, like a lot of workmen did in those days, and he looked magic.<br />
<br />
I pulled quickly pulled on my wellies then carefully turned over the tops to show some of the inner lining. God did I feel good and growup in my wellies now.<br />
<br />
At school that afternoon we should have had a football lesson but because of the snow we just had to stay in the changing room reading. It was boring. Someone had a tennis ball which we kicked around the room. I kicked it but unfortunately it went through the open door into the gym. I went into the gym to get it but as i did that a teacher saw me and there was a rule of not wearing outdoor shoes in the gym.<br />
The was only one punishment for that and it was to bend over and be slippered across your arse. I had never been slippered before.<br />
The slipper hurt but I felt excited and proud of myself for being punished for wearing my boots. I had never been slippered before but I was so excited by it that I wanted to wear my boots all the time and I looked forward to being punished again.

I really like wearing nora unlined boots on bare feet with pvc trousers tucked into them,love the way sweat trickles down the legs of the pvc pants and into my boots which start squelching,feels really sexy.<br />
At work i manged to get a pair of purfort riggers boots to wear,just like wearing short wellies and wear them all the time at work.<br />
I broke a toe last month and the only thing I could wear with any comfort were a pair of wellies,i only took them off when I had a shower,and put another pair on to wear in bed.<br />
Guess I'm a welly wearing addict.

Hi: I see that you like wellies and rubber clothing. would love to know more about this.<br />
My great fetish is rubber and try to wear at least some rubber all the time.Do send me a message some time and mayb e we can become friends and talk about rubber. Nothing can shock

Great, well done thanks for your experience with living in wellies and you luv for them...keep wearing them as slippers and try wearing them when you can because as like when you were a child wellies are normal footwear enjoy them bear footed mmm I like also wearing noras, as well, thanks again in wellies.

I love wearing wellies too,as a child my father did not earn very much so it was go to school on wellies ,wear plimsolls in school,could'nt wait to put me wellies back on.I have never worn socks in wellies ,prefer the barefoot feel.<br />
i lived in my wellies as a child only taking them off if i was made too.<br />
Its great though when you grow up and find a job where you can wear wellies all year round, i even wear apair of nora wellies indoors like slippers