Thrill Of Hose

I grew up during the emergence of pantyhose. I had got to the point in dating when necking in a car was the highlight of a evening. As a life long cross dresser, I loved stroking the girl's lingerie about as much as touching her skin. In those days a girl always dressed up for a date and that meant hose and heels. Since hose meant gartered hose what my hands would find - even if I only got as far as the surface of her skirt - was hose tops and garter tabs. Once I felt them I had to touch them.

Most girls were willing to be caressed through their clothes, but shied away when you want to open their blouse or reach under their skirt. So when I sent my hand under their skirt they would grab my hand. I would then promise that all I want to do was feel thier hose. I would then do just that, and I still love the feeling of a smooth leg, encased in silky hose. Eventually my hand would go to the top and I would make quite a show of examinging the garter tab and then feeling along the top edge of the hose.

When my hand followed the hose toward the inside the girl would either clamp her legs shut, or would jerk them open.

Regardless of what happened next as soon as I got home, I would ***** off my male clothes and pull on a garter belt or an open bottomed girdle and then pull on hose. Then I would caress myself the way I had my date and then always end up giving myself a wonderful climax. As I came I would mentally tell my date that it could have been them enjoying this moment of sheer pleasure.

So when pantyhose with their simple practicality and the ability to be worn under mini skirts won the hose war, I desparied. Then I tried panty hose myself. Sure they were comfortable, easily more comfortable than a girdle. The problem being that I did not wear girdle or hose for comfort. Then I made a discovery that changed my attitude towards pantyhose. One day I tried the pantyhose without panties. WOW! The feeling of my member being held by the soft, stretchy material was wonderful

Quickly this became the staple of what I wore every day I thought I could get away with it. Hose under jeans with socks was easy and the soft hose with the rouch jeans, kind of worked together as opposites.

Even today when I am out with my wife she likes to try and expose my pantyhose. Just recently we were in a park for a concert. There were hundreds of people scattered over a wide area. We were way off to the side with barely a view of the stage. We did not worry about that knowing that with amplification we would be able to hear well. Besides we were there more just to have something to do. We had eaten and it was a warm evening, just beginning to grow dark. I had lain down on the blanket. Beth moved around to sit beside me, placing her body between us and the crowd.

Leaning over she unfastened my jeans, and since I was wearing female jeans she unbuttoned the fly. Once she pulled it apart she told me she wanted me to raise my hips. That meant she was going to pull down my pants. Now that could mean I was going to get some pleasure, but it also meant I was going to be very exposed while being only paritally blocked by where she sat. She laughed at my concerns and told me that if I did as she told me to she would guarantee that I would enjoy the concert.

Well it was a moot point. She had said do it and that meant I was going to do it, submissive that I now am. I raised my hips and she jerked the jeans until they were clear of my buttocks. Settling my butt back down she put her hand on my penis visible through the hose.

During the concert she tormented me with soft strokes, keeping me aroused and ready the whole two hours.

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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Glad to find someone who feels the same way! And yes, it sure is worth it!

I totally agree with you Alice, I also love the feel of the pantyhose directly against my "girly" parts. My fave is control top, keep me nice and tucked in. If I do wear panties I put them on over the hose, gives kind of a superhero look, but heck, it feels good.<br />
<br />
You are so lucky to have a wife that accepts and encourages your dressing.<br />
<br />
Hope we could be friends and chat sometime.