It Just Feels Right

    I love wearing women's clothes.  I can't say that it is any one reason why, but the best way to sum it all up would be to say, "It just feels right."

     It's not the fabrics or the fit of the clothes, it's how I feel when I am dressed up.  Many people think I am gay because I like to wear sexy clothes, which is an obvious attempt to attract men, but that's just not it.  Many of my personal relationships have suffered because others don't understand why I would want to dress up like a woman.  I wish there was a simpler explanation, but the only one I have is; it just feels right.

    I am now much older and I have come to realize that life is too short.  I short-changed myself by not coming to terms with who I am, sooner in life.  Today, I dress the way i like because it is who I am.  I love wearing women's clothes because it just feels right!
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My your so right-It just feels right.!!! I no for many of us its been a life time of wearing one thing but really wanting to wear something else. Wish i had been born a girl-but at least now i can dress as one.

You described me to a tee and it just feels right. I aways thought I"be should have been born a girl even my two older sisters told me growing up I should have been born a girl. When I'm dressed I feel so alive more confidence in who I am. Have not gone out in public yet except on holloween have gotten a lot of compliments form women that I look good and have nice legs
In heels and short skirt. But do not have the courage yet to go out in public every day dressed. And everyday I feel another day is lost.of who I really am inside. But one person keeps me going is my wife who supports me 100% we do alot of women shopping. Together but me dressed as a male and she tells me I have good taste in picking out clothes.So U go GIRL. Aka Tiffany

I enjoy being able to dress like the sexy ladies I admire so much. Whenever I see a lady in a sexy little mini skirt, a cute little top and strappy high heel sandals, I know I can look very similar to her. When I am dressed I look and feel so sexy.

I love to wear women panties. I wear them 24/7. I wear some clothes. Skorts, shorts and t-shirts. Mostly around the house though. My girlfriend bought me some about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time pick out clothes other than panties. It took a while cause I wasn't sure what I was look for. It started out with me and her walking it to a store to buy some clothes for her. Right off the I saw some skorts and asked her if she liked them and told her I think they look cute. She to me that they would look good on me and told the saleslady that I wanted to try them on. when I came out they both told me that I looked cute with them on. We spend the next hour picking out me some more skorts and shorts and nothing for her. She took me to get some girly t-shirts to match. I did all the picking and she told me what look good on me and what didn't. I had to travel out of town that weekend and she went with me and talked me into wear my skorts and t-***** to travel in. I don't look like a girl. So when we stopped everybody that saw me knew that I was a guy wearing women clothes. But my girlfriend would always put away and thoughts that people had that I'm gay. It was really nice. we did get a lot of complements on my outfits.

What can I say. you described me to a T. Love to dress fully as a woman. I should have been born a woman. So frustration. Like is to short, keep wearing those heels and stockings.

what can feel better than satin,I.mean really....

Unless the satin has some lace too.

Exactly the same here, "It just feels right".

There came a point in my dressing that I just did not want to wear my male underwear anymore. Soon after that it was my pants. So I can certainly relate to what you are saying... It just feels right. I will confess however that after wearing my bra all day it feels good to take it off. Although... I don't feel right after doing that unless I slip on my nightie and prepare for bed.<br />
<br />
Letting my girl inside out to express herself to the world was the best thing I've ever done. Most people accept me for who I am. I just hold my head up... put a big smile on my face... and go forward with what I'm doing. I'm fairly conservative in my dressing as I'm not trying to attract men. But I do like a knee length or so skirt with bare skin. I'm not ready to wear a mini-skirt in public. I'm not looking for that kind of attention. I have yet to wear my heels in public. I'm usually wearing my Birkenstock sandals. But... the day will come. ;)<br />
<br />
I try to ignore those few who are stare. After all I look different from the average person. The last thing I want to be is average. But I do enjoy the smiles from mostly women. That rarely happened before dressed in traditional male attire.<br />
<br />
Several have said they do not understand it. I tell them that's OK. I don't fully understand it myself. But I need to me... and this is part of who I am. I can't keep hiding this side of myself. It's not healthy. It helps when I tell them I'm still heterosexual and I'm attracted to women. That seems to drain some of the tension away.

I enjoy your comments. You have the insight of a person who has gone through a self-discovery. By the way, heels in public is the best way to go. I love wearing my heels, though most women can't understand why. :) My secret!!

"It just feels right' that sums it up for me too. I should have done more earlier in life too. But now I'm wearing my slips and skirts and more and having a great time and my wife is behind me 100% and lifes good.

Hello, very nice to have women's clothes on, have had it myself many times and for a long time also, wonderful to have bras, panties, love it.