I Love Wearing Womens Clothes

I love wearing womens clothes.  They are much more comfortable than mens clothes.   If I could get away with it I would wear womens clothes more than mens clothes.  Unfortunately can't do so where I'm living as I'm living in an assisted living place.
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90% of my pants and Jeans are Women's and own a couple of Women's shirts and Jackets as well. For me it all started by an accident a few years back, I was at the Guess outlet and as usual I was shopping in Mens section, there I found a jeans that was the only that appeared to be a perfect height for me and when I tried it on it just baffled me, it was the first time a jeans fit me like it was tailored for me and yet it was very comfortable, I bought it without a second thought, and when I came home I looked up the model and that's when I realized it was Women's. I'm 5'-6" with a slim body and have a 26waist, so no matter where I shop they don't make clothes designed to fit my body perfectly. I look better in slim fit clothing and naturally slim clothing makes you appear taller as well. Super skinny Women's jeans/trousers fit me perfectly, they look/feel sexy, I always pick more neutral styles so they're hard to spot as Women's, especially because skinny style for Men are trending anyways. I've purchased a few pairs from Zara and H&M Mens collections which are just as tight or tighter then the Women's and I still prefer Women's because of the following reasons: Mens Jeans/Trousers are more expensive for the same quality, they're too tall and alteration ruins the shape, inseam is too low and doesn't look quite right on my height and specially after alteration, they're much tighter on the butt whiles Women's have a bit room, the fabric is not as soft and stretchy as Women's thus restricting mobility. On the contrary, Women's jeans not only fit my shape better, yet the fabric feels lighter and comfortable; I test them with squatting, if you can't comfortably squat or run in them then they're not right fit for you. Most Mens shirts and Jackets are huge and there's definitely a shortage of styles and colors, so that's why I would rather approach Women's section, there's so much to chose from and you can always find something that with no question should also belong in Mens section and will fit you like if it was tailored for you. I've always been complimented for my dressing by both Men and Women, and many times Men have asked me where I buy my clothes from since I'm not the only one who has issues finding the right fit and styles. I'm straight and very social, not a single time I've had anyone tell me anything negative, and When I shop around, most salesperson I deal with are girls and they think it's perfectly a good Idea to pickup something from Women's as long as it fits and looks good, that's the whole point isn't it? I know a lot of guys are afraid of shopping in Women's department, and you don't have to believe me so just try, no one gives a shi2 ;) and it's actually a lot more fun experience if you have get a salesperson to help you out.

i'm not into wearing women's clothes per se - but i love down jackets and much prefer long women's ones -i have quite a collection now and often wear them out - really into knee/ankle length thick puffer coats, big hoods and fur trim - i have a few that are belted and a couple in White -- just love them

I agree but, I do not want to look like a woman, I just want to be comfortable. Undergarments and plain versions of pants and tops should be functional.

I go to a river in the summer time and it is hot there. I rode my jet ski to a deserted beach and put on my one piece. It felt great this is the first time out side woth my desire to be a girl. I prceded to get a sunburn! this gave me tan lines and i loved it. While I was there i saw a couple of guys in the bushes checking me out and it drove me wild! I cant wait to do it again it was a great experience for me very liberating.