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Clothes Are Clothes

Yes I like to wear women's clothes. All the way from panties to a dress. Women's clothes are beautiful in designs and patterns. Why would anyone want to wear something so boring like pants. Pants are so uncomfortable. I want softness and tenderness next to my skin so I wear dresses and skirts. So men get out of those pants and get into a skirt. As long as we stay silent dresses and skirts will remain for women. That makes you a crossdresser if you wear them. I for one believe clothes are clothes and anyone can wear them. I am a male and when I buy a dress for me it becomes my male clothing it just happens to be pants without the legs. So yes I like to wear female clothes.
Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 3 Responses Jun 13, 2012

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My G/F Mistress doesn't like me in dresses, apart from my maids outfit, and due to build problems I am not designed for skirts. So it's lingerie, stockings/holdups, and lovely nightdresses all the way. Comfort and practicality all in one. Just wear what suits and enjoy the pleasure of, as the rest society sees it, the forbidden fruit.

I wear panties and skirts with blouses/cami tops occasionally and nighties for bed time not into bra's as nothing to put in. I wear what I'm comfortable in which is as above at home!

Comfort is the key to happiness.

I have worn silk lingerie for over 40 years now, I wear a full length silky nightdress to bed.

Now that sounds really cool.

It is the way to dress for bed.