My Most Recent Vacation! 6/28/12 To 7/8/12 .....long Story!

Hi folks! This is my first post in this forum but I have several other stories on others on this site.

Well, it's been a whole week since I've been back home from a wonderful 10 day vacation where I took absolutely NO men's clothing with me. I went to a TG friendly campground in Pennsylvania near the NY border approximately 20 miles from Binghampton, NY. It was HEAVEN!!!!

I began by travelling to my mother's where I store my camper. I wore women's jeans and a t-shirt that doesn't LOOK like women's clothing along with women's sneekers. Mom never had a clue. LOL

I had several big repair jobs to tackle in the pop-up before I skyed on off to the campground. I had to replace the tires and rims, (could not just tires at a reasonable price and the new ones have a nice mag rim style,) Also, I had to repair the furnace in it. Sail Switch in the blower started sticking and needed replaced if I needed heat at night. Although it was hot during the days, it gets chilly at night up there in the Endless Mountains and I needed the furnace because I took my little Pineapple Conure, Steenker Bird, with me. He don't like being chilly at all.

I took care of the camper and and a few jobs my mother wanted me to do for her and then backed the truck up to the camper, attached it, checked the lighting, and hauled on out to Oneida Camp and Resort in New Milford, PA. It took only about 45 minutes to get there from my mother's.

Jeez! The truck was PACKED! I have an issue with WAY over-packing! Two huge duffle bags and two huge garbage bags full of women's clothes, and that doesn't include the 7 dresses I took on hangers, and one huge garbage bag containing 12 pair of shoes, LOL I took almost ALL of my summer clothing with me. Gonna have to work on that issue! Only wore about 1/10th of what I took with me.

This campground is more than reasonable as far as rates go. It was a holiday week, (4th of July,) and cost me $175.00 for the entire 10 days. This included the extra charges for my pop-up camper, being there for a holiday, power and water, and my annual $5.00 membership fee. My site was huge! It was so big that I only live in 1/2 of it! It was more like TWO campsites rather than one!

I arrived, checked in, and found my campsite. Thank the Goddess that I have 4WD! The site way way up on top of the highest hill and the roads were atrocious! That's the only drawback I found. 4WD all the way up!

The remainder of my first day was spent setting up, unloading the truck, food shopping, and making dinner. Once set up and the food bought, it was SUN DRESS time! I threw on a cute little spaghetti strap, blue tie-dyed sundress and matching salals I dug out of that shoe bag I mentioned. LOL Took 20 minutes to locate both shoes!

It was hot and humid most of the time so makeup and a wig were out. Too humid for makeup but a little lipstick goes a long way. LOL Makeup melts in that humidity. The remainder of my evening was spent alone, except for Steenker Bird sitting on my shoulder chatting up a storm, and pooping on my dress, eating steamed corn on the cob, blackened cajun steak, roasted veggies, and copious quantities of alcoholic beverages.

I don't remember going back into the camper that night, but I really needed a good old set-down-get-drunk evening!

Woke up just as the sun rose and made some "hight-test" coffee. LOL Breakfast with Steenker Bird was hilarious! Made up a pitcher of OJ. The little turd-bird just LOVES OJ. He drank a couple of beak-fulls then promptly proceeded to take a bath in it! Well, he got another bath that he DIDN'T like with the garden hose. Didn't want him consumed by friut flies! LOL

The rest of the week was spent cooking, relaxing, painting my toenails, doing my fingernails, and any other girl-type stuff I could think up, and working at another hobby of mine, I took a radio-controlled model airplane with me. One that I was trying to find the time to finish, or just hanging out, or visiting the other residents of the camp ground. I also took several of my micro airplanes with me that I flew either at the site or at the common field. My little quad helicopter always draws comments/compliments.

At least once a day I was was at the pool in a cute little swim dress and have the tan lines to prove it or just hanging out drinking beer with new friends or by my lonesome. LOL. No one gave me a second thought or any hassle at all. As a matter of fact, I met some wonderful people there as I always do at this campground!

This was my third adventure there enfemme. No one ever gives me a hassle, even at the club they have there. That was the only time I wore full makeup and wig. I wore a really pretty orange/pink, ruffled, flowery, flowing maxidress with white sandals.

Everyone there talks to girls like me as if it was the most natural thing in the world! Miniskirts, short shorts, breast forms, capri pants, jeans, cute little cami tops, it dosn't matter what you're wearing. You are accepted for who you are. It was so relaxing and so much fun!

The clean air, the acceptance, the the friendliness of everyone there, especially the folks that rent season campsites are almost overwhelming! Everyone who drive by always wave hello or stops to chit-chat a bit.

The 4th of July consisted mostly of preparing something special for the pot-luck supper Camp Oneida sponsored. I decided to try out a new recipe for hot wings. Something more mild than I usually make. First off, the night gown comes off, a shower and a shave, a little natural lipstick, jeans and a t-shirt go on, and then it's off to the grocery store. I bought 40 LBS of wings and the ingredients for the sauce. Spent the whole afternoon grilling the wings and cooking the sauce. Oh Yeah! I also need lots more Gennesse Cream Ale! LOL Bought 2 cases of that! Can't get it in Altoona, PA. Sux, Huh?

I met several new friends there. My new friend, Joe, stopped by and asked if I needed a ride to the pot luck thing. Joe is gay and just recently lost his partner. He was there to attend a memorial service for his late partner and needed someone to talk to. We spent several hours litening to him vent and it wasn't a chore at all. He wasn't into a girl like me but he did need a friend. I knew that and he and I are still friends via emails.

Joe and I loaded 2 roasting pans of wings into his golf cart. He's a regular there. So, there we were, me, Joe, 2 pans of hot wings, and Steenker Bird, all going to a party. Steenker Bird had fruit salad. He don't like my wings. LOL

I guess they had no luck at all with the pot luck dinner. I was the only one who brought meat! Talk about a macaroni salad-friendly venue! LOL Needless to say, it was either my talent for cooking on a charcoal grill, and I do have to say that I'm DAMN good on a charcoal grill, or the fact that no one else brought any kind of meat dish, but when we left I was able to throw two empty pans away.

I have to make a point here. This is a gay campground, hence, the acceptance of TG folks. Being heterosexual, I did have to be tactful with several of the men who wanted to get intimate with me. I had no issues with telling them that I'm not into men. They were very gentlemanly-like when I turned their advances down. There were several lesbian couples there that I did become friends with also. One woman was so drunk one night at the club that she was trying to pick ME up! I new she was there with HER partner so I decided to move my chair a little closer to Joe's chair at the big bon fire. I just did this because I didn't want this woman or ME involved in an altercation with this woman's partner! Beleive me, her partner would have CLEANED my clock! I did give her the once or twice over and determined tha it was a waste that she was into women and not into transgendered girls like me. LOL Discretion is the better part of valor!

I've never had any negative experiences EVER at this campground. I recommend it to everyone who likes camping, is local to it, and like wearing women's clothing
. There were even a few straight male and female couples there, too. They always have some sort of venue for every flavor of person there every weekend during the camping season.

It's was fabulous! I can't wait until my next opportunity to go there! If I lived closer, I would rent a site for the whole season!

Lotsa Love! Gayle
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I'd love that. My ex and I talked about going to an event in Texas so I could dress and be myself. Never made it, but oh I Love the idea. Dressed in my shiny leotards, shimmery tights, leg warmers and my high heels. Oh YES.

Since I last read this I have had a similar adventure. It was only for a week but it is one of my happiest times, a whole week in nothing but girly clothes and shoes plus as it was winter at the time in make up all the time. I love it and cant wait for the opportunity again.

Sounds like a wonderful place to relax, and wear what you like. Bit of a trek from the UK though !!

You have just described my idea of the perfect holiday<br /><br />
I would love to be cable to dress up completely for a week or two right down go sleeping in a nightie each night Being accepted znd able to do everything as a woman is what I dream about<br /><br />
And the fact that I am bi would only make the location much more fun, if only we had somewhere like that in Sydney Australia If someone knows about a site pleasd let me know

What a great vacation you were able to enjoy. Too bad you didn't get to wear all 12 pair of shoes.

what a fantastic vacation, 10 days that has to be a record, you are so lucky to have found that place.

wonderful holidays and now after camping you stay on your sweet woman life alltime..kisses

Boy oh boy would I have ever loved to be with you on those ten days. I have never been able to be all fem for more than 4 hrs at a time. Sounds like a real nice place to go camping. I'll bet the views were beautiful. I an imagine you came back home sos relaxd ti probably took a week to get back to normal. Would loe it if you friended me. You are in my circle.

Oh my what a wonderful holiday!