Dressed For Work

I adore womans clothes and wear them nearly every day. At the moment sitting here typing I have on a white lacy bra white g-string sheer nude pantihose and a black and white patterned mini dress gathered at the bust with straight neckline I will be wearing this to work under my normal uniform Unfortunately I have to remove wig & heels and swap my favourite lipstick to a nude colour so that its not quite so noticeable, but as soon as work is finished for the day back on with wig and heels plus the make-up
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I wear a bra, usually a push-up bra under my work shirt everyday. The shirt is a heavy cotton so it doesn't show anything. I do worry about someone giving me a back rub or something like that knowing they would feel the back strap, but I can't stop wearing one...I love my bras !!!

I know the feeling I normally wear a bra to work every day. And as I work in an office my shirts are quite thin so always the chance of someone seeing straps, either the outline or colour. Also like you I worry about somebody putting their hand on my back and feeling the bra straps. But it doesnt stop me I am just more careful

I always think its scary but also quite exciting for someone to notice what you are wearing :P i like to tease with frilly underwear :P x

I envy you I wish I coud do that myself everyday.

I am in constant state of excitement and always worried about who might see bra straps or outline on my back

Has anyone asked if you are wearing a bra after seeing its outline?

I was caught out recently by truck driver

I shared your courage and personal strength to wear bras to work. I only try wearing bras and camisoles during winter where I can hide them under my jumper.

Love your story! It is so nice to wear a dress to work. How can you concentrate on your job?

Love your bold approach - very jealous............

That is so hot. -mmmmmm

Well if you plan ahead for you to transition, then you could wear your favorite womens things daily, including to work. I did and do, living and working as a woman.

Nice story. I wish I could wear my lady garments to work! I still have to keep it at home and days off!

There isn't any other way to go to work. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.