My First Time As Michelle In Public

I attended a local support group meeting as Michelle last Friday and found it a very positive experience, this group was very helpful. I was initially very nervous but made to feel very relaxed and about half way through the evening I felt right in a dress, outside the house, natural and right, overjoyed that I'd finally done it. It was a good atmosphere and I had several in depth consversations with the members. The conversation ofden came round to the point that if I get serious then be ready, to pay a high price ie, losing family/work problems but that it was really worth it because you can't deny who you are, it becomes very distructive then and can lead to negative results. I wore a black jumper dress, short low heeled boots, black tights with a black wig, Once I arrived realised that I made several mistakes, a person in the group told me that the dress was too short, the wig didn't suit me, that the bobs were too big and that they would attract attention to myself, in a public area. I want to pass a women realisticially and blend so I don't get a second look from people. My next step is to a shopping trip as a female. I know with help I can pass off as female. I can wait to see where path will take me in the future. At the end I was asked to attend another group which I accepted and am looking forward to it.
wildcamper wildcamper
51-55, T
Jan 12, 2013