It's My Moms Fault! No, Really It Is!

I was about ten-years-old, and when I got home from school, no one was there. I went to my room and ********. I went to the kitchen to get a snack and I noticed the basement door was open. There was a big moving box for hanging clothes that was open, so I got nosy and started going through it.It was a bunch of my moms old from when she was younger. I tried some of them on and would run upstairs and look at myself and pose in the mirror, then run back down and try something else on. I did this several times until I found a lavender dress with a really full skirt on it that almost fit. I ran back up stairs and did the mirror thing. I really liked this dress and started dancing around and spinning in it. I got carried away and wasn't paying attention so when my mom came home with my little brother I didn't hear them. I went dancing around the corner and froze. My brother was looking at me like I was a space freak. My mom came over and started fawning over me in her old dress. She asked my brother if he wanted to play dress up and he gave a curt "No." and wandered off to his bed room to undress.

Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing in her old clothes. Then she started buying me girls clothes after she found out I liked dressing up. I think Mom wanted at least one girl, and when she realized her third son was a sissy it was the next best thing. I never wanted to be, or look like a girl, I just like the clothes. and once I got started I never stopped.
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That's awesome ... you definitely have your Mom to thank.

great story!