Spring Deals

This past week my wife & I spent the morning on some errands. Finishing earlier than expected, she expressed an interest in visiting one of her favorite ladies clothing stores which was nearby and I drove there. This particular store usually has very little that appeals to me and it's somewhat expensive. I'll browse while she shops.

While my wife was checking the sales racks, I sort of meandered through the store and came upon their early spring section. My eyes landed on a beautiful shell/blouse combo that just reached out to me. There were combos in different colors but the pink shell and the white blouse with delicate little pink floral patterns got me all excited.

My wife eventually came by where I was & asked if I'd found something I liked. I simply pointed to the combo & smiled. She nodded her head & began searching for my size. The clerk, sensing a sale, came over & asked if she could help. My wife (bless her heart) said "My husband needs a size 14 in this & I don't see that size out here. Do you have it in stock?" I nearly fell over because she's not usually so blatantly open about my dressing. The clerk seemed unfazed but looked at me for a second no doubt taking in my attire (ladies jeans, top, shoes & light jacket), went to the back & shortly afterward came out with a huge smile holding a combo in my size. My wife held the blouse to my chest & asked "Is this what you want? The lavendar one is nice too & goes well with some of your other things." I answered, "Yes, I think this is so pretty & more feminine." ( I was blatantly open too following the flow of things).The clerk took all this in & added a few words on the quality, its stylishness & fit.

When we went to the counter to pay, my wife produced a really good discount coupon, too. The clerk gave me an invitation to come by any time & if she was there, to ask for her. It felt like I was walking on air when we left there. Now, I just have to wait a few weeks for spring to wear my new prize.
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I finally told my gf who i have lived with for 8 years now about wearing lingerie and how much i love it.... she accepted totally, and has even taken me shopping... i am in heaven.

Wow, that's so fantastic! You're wife is a sweetheart! :)

Thank you...she is a sweetheart. She knew about my dressing before we married & has accepted that part of me since.