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I love whisper thin nylon panties or silky panty hose feel under nice tight jeans!  A sweater feels so much better with a camisole under! A long leg panty girdle make my cheeks so much nicer under a pair of dress pants! An open bottom girdle with stockings feels so very naughty! I sleep so much better in a butter soft and silky nylon slip!

sosilky sosilky
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7 Responses Feb 28, 2009

you are so right

sounds like you know exactly what lingerie you want.

Hahaha, all the comments are correct!!<br />
I could have said any one of them. hehehe!

yes yes yes and wearing a girdle is so hot open bottom one makes me so hard

Me Too!!!!

I am in a blissful state just thinking about your words here.

Sounds fine 2 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!