I just find them so comforting and exhilarating. As you can read in some of my other stories, it began with bras as a pre-teen and grew slowly over the years.

Now that I live on my own, I spend almost all of my time at home in women's clothing of some type. At minimum, it's a bra with one of my sets of breast forms under a camisole top. It's my absolute favorite look on women and I love the feeling myself. I've expanded recently to include some other tops and a few skirts.

Just tonight, after a long and particularly exhausting day at work, I came home, took a shower, and got dressed up. I'm wearing a lacy white bra under a pink cami with my medium breast forms. I'm also wearing a new black maxi-skirt which comes down to my ankles and just arrived in the mail today. I LOVE the way it swishes when I walk. (Though I'm 6'1 and it's long on me...not sure how a regular woman would wear it without tripping.)

So far, this isn't something I've done out in public, and I have no plans to so just yet. It's just something I do in private for my own enjoyment, and I'm coming to enjoy it more every day.
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You should try going out in public sometime I quite often go out in public dressed I quite often wear a padded bra under my clothes it gives me a thrill to be out in public dressed in women's clothes. If anyone says something negative about what you are wearing then shrug it off. who knows you might just get a compliment from a woman perhaps.

I find dressing in some female gear to be quite relaxing. I am finding that I want to get some cami or bra and hose on when I get home from work. I can't say why for sure, but maybe it helps wash away the testosterone and engage our feminine aspect. We imitate the things we like. I love women and I am trying to get my lady to understand that this is part of how I identify with, and appreciate, their situation.
And who doesn't want to be pretty, right?

the ultimate in comfort!

Agreed! Women's clothing is also just so much more interesting and varied than men's clothing. I can have a lot more fun with it.