I'm building some new friendships with a couple of women and I had a wonderful time with them, just out talking around and outdoor table at a restaurant in town. Me in my tights and skirt and a nice top and high heel boots. It's so nice when the servers refer to us all as ladies. It just feels so right.
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How I'd love that.

Generally speaking I love the Indian way of life. just LOVE those movies that are pure and simple - good guys and bad guys and the good guys win. There is love and passion but no sex or suggestive scenes. I think it is fabulous when the whole village, street, office, train start to sing and dance around the stars ( wish that happened in real life).

I just love the energy and colour and excitement of it all. AND that brings me on to the Indian WOMEN, I think Indian women (form the subcontinent - NOT native Americans ) are the most feminine, beautiful, elegant, stylish, graceful, perfect women on the plant. I love their stature, their figure, their hair, their make up and bindi, their jewellery, their clothes (I LOVE sarees), everything about Indian women is to be worshiped - in fact I wish I was an Indian woman !

be safe be happy and be healthy

Not quite my thing, but don't let anyone keep you from going after what you love. :)

Thanks Katie - I cant help it - I just cannot get over the look and feel of wearing a sari - now I just want someone who wants a male maid in a sari ha ha

be safe be happy and be healthy

Sounds like a lovely day :)

Good for you Katie and isn't it fun to be out and about, especially having girl talk with other ladies!

So happy for you :-)

awwwwwwwww that's so sweet

Oh yea, so dreamy