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Pretty Sissy Girly Girl

i love wearing women's clothes so much

the choice styles and pretty colours of panties are enormous.

i especially love putting on the frilliest girlie panties that i can find even better when they are pink with pretty pink bows and ribbons.

i then put on my matching bra and suspender belt if i am wearing stockings

then i put on a pretty frilly dress and high heels

then i mince and twirl round and round in front of a mirror imagining that i am a man who only has girl  friends who dare me to dress up like a girl and as they are helping me to dress in the sexiest girlie things they have i get noticeably excited and the girls tease me because i am enjoying wearing the pretty girlie clothes so much that they decide to name me Angela as i look so sweet and innocent like an angel then they ask me if i would like to dress like a girl again and when i say yes they all start laughing and giggling so much that i start taking girl clothes off but they stop me saying that they like there new girlfriend sissy Angela and we all agree that Angela will start being invited to future sleepovers.


sissyangela sissyangela 46-50, T 8 Responses Jun 7, 2009

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So cute! ♡

I like the sounds of that

Have fun, 'cause its the fun that keeps us motivated to continue to dress and act like sissys

We all have dreams that a woman shares with us. So sad that most of them are morons!

Wonderful fantasy Sis. Thank you for sharing.

Wow! I'm excited!

Angela, I agree. I have met the MOST supportive FEMALE, I would never, ever, imagine existed.<br />
<br />
My Favorite Outfit, when she and I get together, is a Soft FEMININE, Black nylon blouse over a Grey and White Checked Skirt. Black Half Slip with cute lace about the hem. Yes, of course, a black bra with lacy cups; black pantygirdle, holding my tuck back, to create a smooth FEMININE front.<br />
I just adore Berkshire stocking attached to the garters of my pantygirdle. I DO also wear a Padded Panty under my girdle. It has hip and butt pad to help with a FEMININE figure.

carolann that sounds beautiful! ♡

i go by lori