Almost Busted

I was out with my boyfriend. We drove to a deserted wooded area. We were outside the car kissing and cuddling with no one around. He said he wanted to see my sexy undies!. So he unbuttons my blouse while fondling my breasts and kissing me hard. He takes it off and throws in on the ground. He then slides his large hands down my skirt feeling my ***. My skirt drops to the ground. I am now just dressed in a black lace bra, thong, garters and stockings! We are both now hot for each other.
It was then we heard hey you! What are you doing? Ahhh! someone was coming and they were not happy we were there. My boyfriend jumps in the car and starts it up to leave. I have to grab my purse and blouse and skirt and run around the passenger side to get in. Not easy in 5 inch heels! I just jumped in the car just as he drove off. Now I realize he was gonna leave me there! I had to get dressed while driving down the street. I got some looks till I got my blouse back on.
Dumped that jerk. Garters and stockings can get you in trouble.
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

If you dumped him you did the right thing gurl.

he was a dumb ***, i bet he`s missing you now.i would !!!

He was a dumb A** But he had a big ****

so, that means you miss his*****

They sure can