Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tonight's the night! This is the perfect time to dress in as much lingerie as i can layer on.

i have spent more time than i care to admit deciding what to wear. Sadly, i am beyond the size range of most VS clothing. i did have a cute babydoll in XL from back when they carried a few larger sized items. Most of what i have looked at recently seems to max out at about a 12-14 XL.

So i will make do with other brands.

Tuck, put on pantyhose. layer a garter skirt panty combination and afix some fishnet stockings.

Cinch. i have a ribbon corset that does a fair job of shaping the tummy area and letting hips spread naturally.

i do have a sexy heavily padded push-up underwire VS bra in 40c, so i will wear this with a strap extender in back. The garment will not require any forms to hold its shape.

So much for the intimates. i am still searching for the perfect babydoll or similar item to wear on the outside. Now if only i had some wings . . .
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Secrets in Lace sweetie, slightly larger sizes , verrry fast service !

Fabulous sweetie