I just bought my first sissy outfit and cannot wait to fully dress as a woman. I have been crossdressing in my wifes clothes for some time now. But now I have my own Bra, panties, garter and nylons.
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5 Responses Aug 21, 2014

The joy of owning your clothing makes the experience of dressing different from the, sometimes, guilty pleasures of wearing your wifes, girlfriends. It is a lot more relaxed, knowing that you have chosen the items that you want to wear and feel good in them. Enjoy your time.

Good for you gurl, I bet you look gorgeous. My problem is that when I visit a store, I am always drawn towards the female department. If anyone becomes inquisitive, I just say I'm buying a present for the wife, apparently, she loves my taste. xox

I hope you have lovely sensations in your own sissy outfit.

When will you dress up? Going out ? Wife?

Will you pass?